How to help your corporate partners help you fundraise


Working with a corporate partner on an online campaign is a great way to help amplify your organization's message. Before your online campaign launches, ask yourself: "Have I done everything possible to make it easy for my corporate partner to participate?"

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At ArtezInterAction 2013, Maya Boritz (Plan Canada) and Michael Rajzman (Free the Children) gave some simple yet effective tips to help your corporate partners help you.

1. Circulate a list of sample tweets and posts to your corporate partners. Making participation as easy as 'copy, paste, and schedule' will increase your chances of corporate participation.

2. Send a digital toolkit to your partners. A digital toolkit should include press releases, photos, digital assets, and logos relating to your online campaign. Giving this toolkit to your partners ahead of the campaign launch will help them incorporate the message into their existing editorial calendars.

3. Share your online properties. Create a comprehensive list of Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and any other social media properties that pertain to your campaign. Circulate this list to all of your partners so social media managers aren't scratching their head about who to tag when it comes time to post online.

4. Send reminders during your campaign. Weekly reminders and progress updates can significantly increase partner participation in your online campaign. Send out a few sample tweets and give a progress report to your partners to keep engagement high.

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