GivingTuesday 2022: Everything Your Nonprofit Should Know

Unless you've been frozen in a deep sleep for the last decade—like Brendan Fraser’s caveman character Link from the 1990’s cult classic Encino Man—chances are you’re familiar with the infamous day dedicated to charitable giving fondly known as GivingTuesday.  

However, with endless fragmented reels of information out there on the Why/Who/What/When/Where/How of Giving Tuesday, FrontStream decided it’s time to provide a comprehensive guide so that your organization reaches Level: Expert in all things #GivingTuesday2022.  



Short answer: November 29, 2022! 

Longer answer: After gorging and napping (and more gorging and napping) on Thanksgiving. After camping all night outside of a department store for another television on Black Friday. And after scouring online shopping platforms during your lunch break on Cyber Monday. GivingTuesday arrives just in time to wash down the prior week of overindulgence with a refreshing chance to give back and assist nonprofits in helping communities in need. 


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Short answer: Encourage people to do good, and to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. 

Longer answer: In 2012, New York City’s 92 Street Y and its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact came up with a novel concept: Inspire generosity and giving in all forms. Whether people share charitable gifts, volunteer time, or even donate blood at a local Red Cross, innovators at the Y wondered if Americans could turn their attention to giving after two days of consuming. 

Although GivingTuesday started locally and ballooned into a worldwide movement in the short span of 10 years, the mission remains constant: The goal of GivingTuesday is to bolster nonprofits and communities that have an unflagging desire to ensure good happens for all.  



 Short answer: By participating in GivingTuesday 2022, your nonprofit will raise more than it would on any regular Tuesday (or day of the week, for that matter). 

Longer answer: Not only will you raise more when you start a GivingTuesday campaign, but you will also set up your nonprofit organization for exceeding growth expectations, converting new donors into long-term supporters, and re-energizing your donor base. Check out this recent FrontStream post for an in-depth look at why these points are integral to the health and stamina of your charity and how #GivingTuesday2022 can help your organization actualize all three. 

 Consider Giving Tuesday the Opening Day Celebration of National Giving Month. 31% of annual giving takes place in December, while 28% of nonprofits raise as much as 50% of their funding in the last month of the year. It would make little sense to skip out on the opening day of such an important month-long event, especially when there are so many charitable supporters out there eager to do good for noble causes like yours! 


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  • 35 million adults participated by donating money, time, advocacy, and/or items in 2021 (6% increase from 2020) 
  • Giving in the United States totaled 2.7 billion dollars in 2021 (9% increase from 2020, and a 37% increase from 2019) 
  • Volunteering increased by 11% from the previous year 
  • Item donations increased by 8% from the previous year 
  • #CryptoGivingTuesday increased 5x from 2020 
  • GivingTuesday 2022 marks the ten-year anniversary of the international movement 
  • People from every country in the world participated in 2021 
  • 300 community campaigns took part in the United States last year alone 

Source: GivingTuesday 

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 Our comprehensive 42-point Giving Tuesday Checklist (included in our Giving Tuesday Helpful Tips Library) is an invaluable campaign resource, and we want to highlight a few key points for you here.


  1. Make a solid first impression for the new and recurring supporters visiting your site on GivingTuesday. 
  • Does your campaign page match your organization’s branding?  
  • Is it easy to donate (meaning it’s easy to find the online donation form as well as a great experience to complete)? 
  • Is your donation button visible (a distinct color from the background of your page)? 
  • Do you send a receipt confirmation and a Thank You email after a supporter submits their donation?  

Every successful campaign needs to start with a reliable foundation. It’s smart to choose a digital fundraising solution that covers all your current and future organizational needs, giving day campaigns, and annual fundraising goals in general.  

A digital all-in-one fundraising platform takes a lot of the legwork out of juggling the processes that go into developing and launching a solid Giving Tuesday campaign. For instance, with Panorama by FrontStream it's easy to build and launch campaigns in a day: 

  • Create as many online fundraising pages as you’d like. 
  • Personalize your campaign with your branding and messaging to increase trust and awareness with supporters. 
  • Provide a seamless mobile experience and allow donors to give on the go with mobile-responsive pages. 
  • Display the urgency of reaching your campaign goal and encourage donations with a real-time countdown display. 
  • Make giving frictionless by embedding a donation form directly on your campaign page. 
  • Let donors view the impact of their donation instantly with our live donation tracker. 
  • Share and promote your campaign across social media all from one place. 
  • Maximize donations by asking donors to cover your fees. With 100% of the processing fees covered, supporters increase their impact on your cause. 
  • Unlock opportunities for additional gifts like recurring donations, company matching, tribute giving, or memorial giving. 

Ultimately, the more seamless the donation experience, the more people will enjoy giving to your cause. 


  1. Communicate clearly and often. Another important aspect of launching a successful giving campaign is connecting with supporters and volunteers before, on, and after #GivingTuesday.
  • Set your fundraising goal and connect with your team. By clarifying people’s individual duties and developing a working timetable of what tasks need to get done and when, your campaign will stay on track.  
  • Reach out to your entire network, including volunteers, local businesses, board members, and major donors who may be willing to participate in a matching grant incentive. Keep in mind, you’ll want to communicate to your various audiences differently based on the relationship each group has with the organization.  
  • Explain why Giving Tuesday matters to your organization. Don’t forget to remind supporters of your mission and how their donations further a cause near and dear to them.  
  • Share your fundraising goal with targeted messaging that puts donor dollars in a perspective that directly reflects your organization’s mission.  

For example, people are motivated to give when they learn a $100 donation can feed and clean five shelter puppies for a week, but they may feel less compelled if you simply ask for a $100 gift. Supporters love to see how far their donations go for a worthy cause. 

  • Update donors and volunteers throughout the day of GivingTuesday about your fundraising progress. (Panorama comes in super handy here, too: Our fundraising thermometer updates in real-time, so you and your supporters get instant feedback on your campaign’s progress.) Check out the Giving Tuesday Library for social media image templates you can use to post updates on social throughout the day. 


  1. Whatever you do, have fun! After all, what’s better than making good happen?


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Keep in mind: It’s never too late to launch your campaign. There’s no need to twist yourself or your volunteers into a pretzel trying to knock everything off the list. Do what feels right and only what makes the most sense for your organization. This video walks you through the campaign creation step-by-step. 



  • Since #GivingTuesday grew up on social media, make a point of asking your supporters to post messages, stories, and inspirational content on their social media profiles both leading up to—and on—the big day. 
  • Post more often and sometimes outside of business hours on all your social media channels.  
  • Send emails and highlight exciting milestones or struggles that your nonprofit recently overcame. If you know that you will be extra busy during your GivingTuesday campaign, schedule posts and emails ahead of time. 
  • Tell a compelling story about your organization. Stories naturally draw people in. When told effectively, stories instill a sense of purpose in the audience and can convince them to act toward making a real difference. Tell heartwarming stories or funny stories. Tell stories of bravery, courage, heartache, and hope. Whatever story you tell, keep your organization’s unique voice in mind from start to finish.

    When you tell a good story about why your nonprofit is participating in #GivingTuesday, new and recurring supporters alike will hang on to your every word. 
  • Consider multichannel fundraising. The goal here is to reach more donors by using multiple contact channels. The more your nonprofit’s campaign crops up in people’s day-to-day lives, the more familiar your nonprofit will be, and people like supporting a cause they feel close to.  

Two examples: 

  • In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday, you could rent a billboard advertising your nonprofit campaign in or near a town where your website’s analytics show that you have a lot of past supporters. Then, shortly after the billboard goes up, send an email to your database with pictures or an inspirational video about your campaign (a quick shot of the new billboard could really help bring the message home)!  
  • Or you could send out direct-mail appeals that also include your nonprofit’s social media handles. Then a week or two later, post the same message from your appeals across all your social media channels and ask your followers to share far and wide.  

The combinations of multichannel fundraising are limitless, so get creative! 

  • Bring in more participants with online auctions. Online auction platforms like BiddingForGood are a fun way to engage new and past supporters alike, especially since many are shopping for holiday gifts by the time GivingTuesday is upon us.  
  • Use free resources, like these customizable GivingTuesday logos in the form of images, Instagram stickers, and gifs!  
  • Plan to put up flyers around the community for your campaign? Contemplate adding a QR code directly connected to your donation page. Holding a phone in front of a code is a much easier way to reach a donation page than plugging a website into a phone browser.  
  • Come up with a unique hashtag that’s specific to your GivingTuesday 2022 campaign and that you and your supporters can use leading up to—and on—November 29, 2022.  

While overstuffing hashtags and hyperlinks in social media posts impairs readability—and in turn lessens the overall impact of your message—one or two succinct hashtags, when used effectively, can help you reach new donors. 



  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research: Although #GivingTuesday is the most well-known hashtag used on Giving Tuesday, there are others that have sprung up that have had a lot of impact on the success of certain campaigns.

    Take the #UNselfie hashtag that started in the early years of Giving Tuesday, for instance. The concept was simple yet clever: Let’s be UNselfish on a day dedicated to giving back to our communities. Let’s take photos of unselfish acts instead of another individual-centered selfie. 

By linking their campaign to this creative hashtag, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research was able to raise nearly 400 thousand dollars on a single Tuesday! 

  • Vanderbilt Health: This southern healthcare system has found it fruitful to run a Giving Tuesday campaign for the past few years. Their catchphrase—Giving More Tuesdays—is not only on-point for the why of their campaign, but it also fits perfectly with the day itself.  

By adding a Match My Gift section and button—that included a quick explanatory Thank You to the places that offered to match supporters’ charitable donations—under their regular Donate Now button, Vanderbilt Health was able to exceed their original goal by more than 80%! 

  • Wisconsin Singers: When you combine a strong in-person community with the powers of social media, big things can happen. The Wisconsin Singers are cherished by their community for the high-end entertainment they provide year after year. By getting the word out about their Giving Tuesday campaign and offering corporate matching, the singing group brought in $40,000 in a single giving campaign!  



We have even MORE #GivingTuesday2022 information for you! Here are 15 super helpful (and free!) resources to help you get ready for the big day and motivate more people to give to your cause. Let’s do good together! 
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