Asking For More Podcast: “Nonprofits are businesses. Just plain and simple.”

Meet Brady Josephson, Chief Strategist, Shift, and CEO, Nonprofit Supply Co.!

 “If you’re a great organization offline, it’s easy to be a great organization online.”

In our latest podcast episode of Asking For More, we chat with Brady about being a “charity nerd”, why optimizing your digital content is so important, and why you should try emailing folks while they’re on the couch watching Netflix! (No spoilers for Narcos season 3.)

In this podcast we discuss:

  • If traditional fundraising conferences are relevant to today’s nonprofit professionals.
  • Why Brady teaches digital strategies for NPOs and how the lack of digital curriculum hurts the sector.
  • Good takeaway tips for optimizing your email communications!
  • Why testing content matters and so does creating a “culture of testing” at your organization.
  • Three big elements every donation page should have!
  • Organizations we admire for their online presence right now.
  • Why Brady is putting 100% of paid ad spend towards Facebook.
  • The quickest, easiest way to optimize your online ad send.
  • The power of building your own online profile and personal brand!

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