3 great CSR campaigns supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it's a prime time for cancer-related charities to raise much-needed funds for research and support. Everyone's seen the pink-hued merchandise in stores or t-shirts at charity 5Ks, all bringing awareness to this devastating form of cancer that affects both women and men.

Some charitable projects in support of breast cancer have proven to be less than reputable in the past, which can unfortunately make people a little more wary about giving!

But in an effort to focus on the positive, we wanted to highlight three great corporate campaigns taking place this month to raise money and awareness:

Stella McCartney

The fashion designer holds a very successful annual breast cancer awareness campaign, and this year is no exception. The company's campaign is twofold: not only has Stella designed a special pink set of lingerie, but they've partnered with Alicia Keys to encourage early detection particularly in African-American women. Additionally, Stella has designed a post double mastectomy compression bra, with all proceeds being donated to London-based cancer charity Hello Beautiful Foundation.

The campaign also supports both the Linda McCartney Center in Liverpool and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Breast Examination Center of Harlem. Check out the company's press release and get shopping!

Girlfriend Collective

Another womens' fashion company, Girlfriend Collective, is really going the extra mile this October. As a tribute to their creative director's mother's fight against breast cancer, the company is selling limited-edition leggings and bras with 100% of the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (more on them below!).

Debbie Jenner Culp

More than that, the Girlfriend Collective website does a fantastic job with its storytelling, laying out Debbie's battle with the disease in an inspiring one-on-one interview. You may think you have enough leggings, but you're definitely going to want a pair of their Dusty Rose leggings after this - and maybe a few Kleenexes.

Estée Lauder

According to Vanity Fair, 2017 marks the 25th straight year that beauty company Estée Lauder has been campaigning for breast cancer awareness and research funding. They even have their own nonprofit foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (B.C.R.F.),

Says Vanity Fair: "For every $25 received by the B.C.R.F., another half-hour of research is funded. This means that if The Estée Lauder Companies reaches this year's fund-raising goal of $8 million, they'll be supporting 160,000 hours of research, which will make it their most successful year yet."

You can lend your support by buying any number of the beauty items under the Estée Lauder umbrella of products, including their special Pink Ribbon Collection with keychains, pins, and a limited-edition makeup bag.

To everyone looking to donate to a breast cancer charity throughout October (and year-round!): make sure you do some research into the charity beforehand to ensure that your donations are going to the best possible resources.

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