FrontStream Payments Announces Strategic Leadership Change

FrontStream Payments CEO and President, Nina Vellayan, is pleased to announce a change within the company’s executive organizational structure. Effectively immediately, Carlee Hudachko will assume the role and title of Vice President of Client Services and Inside Sales.

Carlee will now oversee the FrontStream client services, inside sales and ISO/Agent support functions, as well as continue to support the day to day growth of the company All of the respective teams in these divisions will now report directly to Carlee.

"FrontStream Payments offers one of the most supportive processing environments available today for merchants and ISO/Agents," said Nina Vellayan, Chief Executive Officer and President of FrontStream Payments. "Carlee already had an impressive track record managing several of our support and sales functions, so rolling all of these business aspects together under Carlee, will add further value to FrontStream’s ongoing growth and capabilities.”

FrontStream Payments is well positioned to pursue and support this organizational change. The ISO/Agent recruitment team and support functions are expected to easily transition and quickly benefit from the strategic consolidation. Likewise, Hudackho’s demonstrated expertise in supporting various company business channels, along with her excellent merchant and agent relationships, have set the pace for the organizational shift to create further success and growth for the company.

“These organizational changes establish a strategic approach to ensure all sales verticals can be supported seamlessly.” Carlee Hudachko, FrontStream’s newly appointed Vice President of Client Services and Inside Sales, stated, “Blending the support of ISO/Agent recruitment with the other sales verticals, gives us an organization-wide advantage of front-facing client relations along with back of the house support that will positively impact FrontStream’s overall mission within the industry.”

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