Powering Online Fundraising Excellence with Email Automation

During unforeseen times, as nonprofits look to adapt their fundraising strategies, many are pushing the envelope by implementing innovative online communication, mobile responsive donation pages, and better data reporting to create comprehensive and impactful virtual fundraising campaigns.

In the dawn of online fundraising, everything is “go, go, go!” Why should a nonprofit’s email outreach efforts be any different? To remain profitable and drive your mission forward, a foolproof communications plan, complete with email automation is a must for any digitally savvy nonprofit. 

The below expert insights inform nonprofit leaders on how to leverage automated email outreach to bolster online fundraising success and drive engagement.


Consider All Kinds of Automated Emails


Each time supporters engage with your nonprofit, it’s important to send automated follow-ups. This lets them know their contribution and participation doesn’t go unnoticed.

For instance, when new supporters sign up for your nonprofit’s newsletter, they should receive welcome emails automatically, while they’re still in a giving mood or have ample time to read up on your mission.

Some other types of automated emails to consider for better online fundraising are thank you notes and receipts. Did you know something as simple as a prompt thank you note can make the difference between a one-time donor and a frequent donor?

Similar to sending a sign-up welcome for your newsletter, automated event-related reminders or new donation campaign notifications can also prove critical to increasing the amount of funds raised.  


Automating Emails Right on Schedule  

Scheduling your email outreach can translate big in terms of productivity, and there’s endless research showing that emails sent at certain times have higher success rate.

So, use your email automation platform to get creative with scheduling and tailor the time to your specific audience and previous experience contacting them. Have you noticed your supporters feel more generous after the first cup o’ joe hits? Schedule your email to land squarely in their inbox at 8:15 am tomorrow. 

Scheduling also allows you to make sure your supporters feel engaged – and paired with automation, your online fundraising strategy will be unstoppable.

By scheduling automated reminders ahead of an event or blasting weekly check-ins, your nonprofit and its mission will stay top-of-mind. Get ready for higher event attendance rates and an influx of donations!


Pairing Automation with Personalized Communication  

Successful nonprofits research their donors and segment them into different audiences. With email automation, based on your donors’ behavior, you can automate outreach and cross market to them when they’re most likely to donate.

Example: Notice parents are more likely to give around the holidays? Segment this audience and, once November hits, start sending more frequent automated reminders to this group with messages personalized to this persona type. 

By doing so, you will also quickly learn if you need to segment your target audience further. For instance, if your automated outreach proves ineffective with older parents, create a new segment for these donors and reconsider your tone and language. 

Automated outreach targeting a wide spectrum of different personas with personalized communications makes for laser-focused online fundraising. 


Build Airtight Relationships with your Donor Base 


Nonprofits that prosper are nonprofits that have the strongest relationships with their donor base.

Email automation also allows nonprofit team members to take an analytical approach to outreach. After reviewing open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates following a blast, you can identify what information is of value to your donors and which messages are falling flat. You can use this to send the right message to donors, at the right time.

For formerly loyal supporters and event participants that have not donated recently, you can leverage email automation to send a check-in after a certain number of days. 

Perhaps that Professor in Michigan and Engineer in Rhode Island do not have the funds to support your mission at this time. Let them know their continued support – monetary or not – is appreciated and they’ll be more likely to send donations again when they are able. 


Get Ready for (an Automated) Blast Off

Online fundraising is better when it has email automation on its side. With the essential resources that nonprofits provide in high demand, it’s now more vital than ever to garner more donations and propel your mission forward.

Automating your emails will result in deeper connections with your supporters, innovative communication techniques, razor-sharp donor personas and a more engaged staff and supporter base. 

So, get ready to reach your donation goals, create more effective campaigns and tighten ties with your donor base! 

Where to Start:

When planning your next online fundraiser, you can use the  Panorama by FrontStream  platform to segment, schedule, and send in-person and  virtual fundraising event reminders, thank you emails, and more.

Looking for more ways to sharpen your online fundraising strategy, raise more, and do more good?


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