A podcast for good boys and girls

We're excited to announce that we're expanding our podcast family beyond Asking For More, the podcast for nonprofit professionals.

Introducing our newest project: Barking For More, the podcast by dogs for dogs!

Join Hewitt and Henson as they chat about everything that's worth a sniff in the canine community. Upcoming episodes include:

  • Trends in post-graduate obedience training.
  • Where to save your bones for maximum return on investment.
  • How to build long-lasting working relationships with cats.

Hosts Hewitt and Henson have a combined 32 months worth of experience being dogs. Listen to Barking for More to be inspired by their rich histories and deep insights!

Listen to the Barking for More trailer now:

Got a podcast of your own?

FrontStream’s sound-proofed podcasting room in downtown Toronto is available to be booked for recordings. And best of all, there’s no charge for charities and nonprofits! Contact us for more information.

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