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Rise Above Violence   Increased   their  Revenue Streams and   Donor Engagement with Panorama! 

Rise Above Violence

By FrontStream

Rise Above Violence is  a private nonprofit organization that assists victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to ensure victims' rights are exercised and needs met.  With the help of grants, donations, fundraising efforts and volunteers, Rise Above Violence provides immediate  crisis intervention available 24 hours a day by an advocate trained to listen and provide support. 

Ashley, the Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator at Rise Above Violence  uses  Panorama’s  all-in-one digital fundraising platform to help her  create and  manage  multiple  fundraising  events, utilizes the platforms  engagement  and  communication  tools  all  to help  her  raise awareness and funds for the organization.  

of their Donors Cover the Additional Donation Fees
of the Individuals Who Donated a $10 Monthly Gift, Usually Come Back and Tend to Increase their Donation by 5 –10x more!


“What I love about Panorama is that it helps with all aspects of our fundraising efforts. Using Panorama allows us to have access to all our  event and fundraising information   in  all one platform. Panorama helps us manage our time, donor relationships and communications, which give us more time to focus on the survivors and our community.”

— Ashley, the Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator at Rise Above Violence 

Ashley   is able  to include  multiple giving options on her donation and campaign pages within  Panorama. “Rise Above Violence uses almost all  of  the Panorama’s giving option  features.”  One giving option that Rise Above Violence uses is  allowing donors  to cover processing fees, where the choice is available to donors during the donation process. Ashley explains that  over 50% of their  donors cover the fees.  Providing this option allows Rise Above Violence to have  additional  fees covered and for donors  to feel inspired and satisfied when supporting the organization. 

In 2019, Rise Above Violence started a monthly giving option for donors. By donors providing a $10 monthly gift, that will  cover the price of one crisis call, it allows a support crisis worker to be available 24/7, 365 days a year for victims who need support. Ashley explains that  25% of the individuals who donated a $10 monthly gift usually come back and tend to increase their donation by 5 –10x more! 

With the Panorama software, Rise Above Violence  can turn on different giving options which allows for more donations and donor engagement. Ashley and her team continue to create unique and different fundraising events, such as their annual push-up challenge and art show. Panorama allows for Rise Above Violence to manage their time, increase their donations and help develop personalized communication strategies to increase community engagement.  

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To learn more about the organization and to donate to Rise Above Violence, click here!

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