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Jacksonville Humane Society Created a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign with Panorama and  BiddingForGood!

Jacksonville Humane Society

By FrontStream

Jacksonville Humane Society  provides  care, comfort  and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to bring about an end to the killing of abandoned and orphaned shelter animals. The organization  provides   services  including animal training classes,  low-cost  veterinary  care, spay/neuter  assistance,  and many more to help  animals  and pet  owners  in the community!  

Jacksonville Humane Society uses  Panorama,  all-in-one digital fundraising platform to  increase their online donations and awareness. With Panorama, the organization is able to create  online donation and campaign pages  that individuals can  easily  visit,  share  and donate too.  

Raised with Panorama's All-In-One Digital Fundraising Platform
Raised Through BiddingForGood, Online Auction Platform

Using Panorama allows  nonprofits  to  have access to  BiddingForGood, an online auction platform with over 1.7 million registered bidders!  Jacksonville Human Society  uses  BiddingForGood  to host online auctions  for a variety of different fundraising campaigns. In 2020, the  organization had to make their annual campaign,  The Mutt March,  100% virtual due to the  pandemic. Jacksonville Humane society used  Panorama and  BiddingForGood  platforms to  create a campaign page and an  online silent auction 

“We want to thank  FrontStream  for including  BiddingForGood  in our original package, and those who gave and bid to the silent auction”

- Jacksonville Humane Society

The Mutt March 2020  raised $25,371!  Which was more than the organization’s goal amount.  The silent auction brought in $10,421.  With Panorama’s digital fundraising tools, Jacksonville Human Society was able to promote their virtual event through social media,  email campaigns  and  online promotions.  The nonprofit gathered support  from vendors and the community to help raise funds and awareness.  Sponsors  of the event  included online discount codes  to promote their products and help raise awareness for the Mutt March!   

With the help of  Panorama by  FrontStream  and  BiddingForGood, Jacksonville Humane Society was able to  raise thousands of dollars for their organization! By having access to these platforms, the nonprofit can use these tools to create virtual, hybrid or peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns in the future. To learn more about Jacksonville Humane Society’s successful online fundraising event, read  FrontStream’s blog 


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