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Bay Laurel Elementary Raised $41,020 in Their First Auction with BiddingForGood.

Bay Laurel Elementary

By FrontStream

Solution:  BiddingForGood

BiddingForGood’s philanthropic community make a difference every year.

Bay Laurel Elementary is a public K-5 school in California who has been working with FrontStream since 2012. They  have run several online auctions with Panorama, our all-in-one digital fundraising platform. Each and every year they have connected with  FrontStream's BiddingForGood community, helping make a huge difference in their fundraising totals. 

Bay Laurel opted in to the BiddingForGood philanthropic shopper community and benefited from their altruism. BiddingForGood “gave us a whole new group of people beyond our parents.”

Opening up their auction to our community of 1.7 million cause-minded bidders has expanded their base of supporters and allowed for participation beyond just their school community. “Even if no one at our school donated or participated, we would still make money, and at the end of the day that’s what we’re trying to do – help make a difference.” Finding a way to draw in new supporters made a huge difference in how much Bay Laurel Elementary was able to raise.

Raised with BiddingForGood
of Bids from Shoppers

The philanthropic shopper community (bidders not directly associated with Bay Laurel Elementary) helped raise almost a third of the funds brought in by their online auction again this year.

"BiddingForGood gave us a whole new group of people beyond our parents.”

— Bay Laurel Elementary

BiddingForGood expands auction catalogue possibilities.

Before using BiddingForGood, “getting items was the most difficult part” for Bay Laurel. BiddingForGood’s Instant Items gave Bay Laurel the opportunity to add items to their catalogue that they otherwise might not have been able to source. As a starting point, Instant Items gave Bay Laurel a sense of security about their auction. Furthermore, BiddingForGood provided a place, on their online auction homepage, to “showcase” the auction items that they had sourced themselves. They could focus bidders’ attention on the most valuable and most popular items in their catalogue to drive more bids.

Bay Laurel also created exclusive school items in their online auction including fun items like “Storytime with the Principal” and “Librarian for the Day”. These “Bay Laurel Exclusives” sold for over $7,000 total. Bay Laurel truly created the perfect blend of items for everyone and items for just their school community. BiddingForGood allows them to continuously invite new supporters to their auction while still allowing the school community to have its own unique pool of exclusive items to bid on.

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Now it's your turn! Promote your school fundraising event and auction to over 1.7 million bidders through FrontStream’s BiddingForGood - the industry’s largest online cause-minded shopper community. 

If your looking to maximize your donations, run your auctions through FrontStream’s all-in-one digital fundraising platform, Panorama, and access our BiddingForGood community to reach a wider audience, drive a bigger impact and tap into this exclusive database of online bidders that can raise even more funds for your school!

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