Panorama Features

All your fundraising tools in one place.

Unlimited records & emails

Grow your supporter base without fear of a price increase as you add new records.

True integration

Data flows seamlessly from multiple services into one database.

A single login for everything

Eliminate logging in and out of multiple fundraising systems.

With Panorama you can…

Recruit volunteers from your Earth Day event to become Team Captains at their workplaces for a Thanksgiving food drive challenge.

Easy Online Donations

Easy-to-use online fundraising to get you started raising money right away for giving days and special projects.

Add a donation widget

Embed a donation button or event registration widget on a website, blog or social network.

Fundraise for projects or Giving Days

Launch a donation page to raise money for a special project, #GivingTuesday, your organization’s awareness month, or a one-day event in your community.


Benefit from community fundraising

Empower your supporters to create their own personal fundraising pages to raise money for your cause online.

With Panorama you can…

Segment last year’s holiday appeal donors by city and invite them to register for the upcoming 5K Santa Shuffle in their town.

Customized Fundraising Campaigns

Customized fundraising for major peer-to-peer campaigns, national events and online appeals.

Build your dream donation page

Create as many different donation forms as you need for any appeal. You can even add custom eCards or “in honor/memory” options for donors.

Launch a peer-to-peer campaign

Manage national run/walk/rides or major campaigns with multiple locations and start times, unique team configurations, complex registration requirements and more.

Predictive technology

Dynamic Donation Amounts™ feature automatically customizes the suggested giving levels on your donation forms to boost overall donation sizes … By an average of 20%!

With Panorama you can…

Encourage your past donors, event registrants, and volunteers to bid for items you’ve put online in an auction. (You could even ask them to donate their own items!)

Auctions and Events

Online and live auctions, mobile bidding, and event management for your galas, sports tournaments and more!


Promote your items online

Sell your items, track your bids, and solicit new donations for your online and live auctions.

Administrate your event

Create venue layouts and seating charts, sell tickets online, and program dynamic leaderboards to broadcast messaging during your event.

Go mobile

Boost excitement on event night by letting guests outbid each other using their smartphones and tablets.

With Panorama you can…

Show your monthly donors some love and send them an exclusive code to buy an early bird ticket for your Valentine’s Day Gala.

Donor and Volunteer Management

All-in-one donor and volunteer management that tracks your supporters across all their fundraising activities.

Never feel restrained

Grow and engage your donor base without fear of a price increase. Your account includes unlimited records and emails.


Activate your volunteers

A full volunteer management portal allows you to post jobs, assign tasks, and communicate with your loyal supporters.

Ready-to-go reporting

Access a full library of popular fundraising and donor management reports, or use our intuitive SmartList generator to build any custom report in minutes!

We can prove you'll raise more!

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