Get Started

FrontStream allows you to customize a donation experience for your app while letting FrontStream handle donation processing and disbursement behind the scenes. Depending on how deep of an integration you need, you can choose between our simple copy/paste Javascripts and our more sophisticated backend REST API’s.

Accept Donations Online

Donation Button Plugin
Our Donation Button Creator allows you to create a donation button for any nonprofit in the United States. In just a few clicks, you can copy & paste a customized donate button into your own website, and also into Facebook. Help videos are available here, Affiliates requiring deeper integration may also leverage our Donation Button Callbacks.

Hosted Payment Page
FirstGiving’s embedded payment form lets you control the look and feel of your checkout process, while never handling card data.  In your payment process, when it comes to the payment step, your web server will provide the majority of the page and will call in the iFrame FirstGiving’s secure, PCI compliant.

Donations API
The Donations API is the only simple REST-style HTTPS endpoint that lets web developers securely process and disburse donations in a single call for any charity. Use this API to build a custom donation experience inside you app or website.

Disbursement Only
FirstGiving can also handle disbursement only instead of processing individual donations.

Verify Nonprofits

Nonprofit Search Plugin
The Nonprofit Search Plugin will automatically display a search box on your website. Your website user can use this search box to find any nonprofit recognized by the United States government. After your user selects a nonprofit, a Javascript callback function is invoked allowing you to respond to that selection however you wish. You can use the selected charity ID in conjunction with our Donations API, and also with our Donation Button Plugin.

Nonprofit Search API
The Charity Search API is the solution for searching for and accessing details about any nonprofit recognized by the United States government. Using the Search API, your app can allow a user to find a nonprofit by location, category, or name. The Search API returns all of the details about the nonprofit including a nonprofit ID which can then be used to make a donation with the Donations API or with the Donation Button Website Plugin.


Once you’re up and running, you’ll have an account area with easy to use dashboards, and full featured detail reports. Give access to your finance team so they can monitor volume, your customer services team so they can find transaction details, and your development team so they can manage webhooks. Login to your account here >