Interactive Auction Planner
for Great Fundraisers

Auctions involve lots of planning. But if you stay organized throughout your preparation, they are fantastic for helping you exceed your fundraising goals.

That’s why we developed this comprehensive, interactive Auction Planner for Great Fundraisers that covers all aspects of auction planning, from start to finish. You can easily follow due dates and corresponding tasks for everything from securing in-kind donations and sponsorships to sending out promotional emails.

With this easy-to-use template, you and your team will stay on track for your most successful auction yet.

Simply enter the date(s) of your auction at the top of the spreadsheet, and the Auction Planner Template will automatically fill in suggested dates for each step of your planning process.

It's like having a virtual auction-planning assistant.

PLUS: We include a tab filled with links to free, super helpful guides, checklists, and articles to improve your fundraising.

Grab your free Auction Management Template and start planning today!

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