Why workplace giving matters to millennials

workplace giving

The millennial generation is quickly gaining a reputation for giving back to their communities, not by writing checks but by rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. So it makes sense that they are looking for more than just a paycheck from their employers. Generation Y strives to be engaged, to do meaningful work, and to make a difference. They are doing this at their jobs by seeking out and participating in corporate workplace giving programs.

Generation Y includes almost 80 million millennials who are the next generation of employees. They will represent roughly 50% of the workforce by the end of the next decade. So, how can you attract these workers and turn them into productive, happy employees who could also be impactful corporate philanthropists?

Here are some key factors to consider when engaging milliennials in your workplace giving campaign:

  • Millennials have high expectations of their employers in providing opportunities to give back.
  • Millennials know more about community service and philanthropy than previous generations. It’s very likely these young adults participated in some form of community service during their school years, since it’s a common practice today. So, volunteering and giving back are already engrained in their lives. They will want to continue that in their workplace.
  • Millennials are peer-oriented. They have lived through the inception of social media, and it plays an important role in their communication with their peers.
  • Acceptance and immediate gratification are important to this generation.

In order to work together with this socially-aware generation, your corporate giving program needs to:

Be Innovative: There’s a reason the term “hipster” was born along with Millennials. They are cool, and they like to be a part of things that are trendy. Old tried and true corporate giving programs may be considered stale and outdated by this generation. Look outside your organization for new, creative, and fresh ideas that allow your company’s goals and strategy to be achieved differently. Think out of the box to generate interest in your workplace giving campaign.

Utilize Technology: Most Millennials grew up with at least one computer in their home, so they are connected and have high standards for technology. Your workplace giving technology should be easy and quick to navigate.

Provide Variety: Millennials like choices. Give them a wide variation of charitable choices, and champion causes that are important to them. Having options will resonate with this generation.

Focus on Communication: Millennials like to have lots of information and share it. Your workplace giving program should include ways for workers to connect, make recommendations, and share their contributions. Provide updates to their network and allow them to share goals and accomplishments with their peers.

Stress Volunteerism: Millennials need to know they are making a difference. Research shows they would rather be involved in face-to-face volunteer opportunities than simply donating money to a good cause. They want to be leaders and make their mark on the world, so provide lots of volunteer opportunities for them to shine.

By understanding how Millennials think and work, you can customize your workplace giving program to mind the generational gap and provide an interesting solution that this group of future corporate philanthropists can get behind.

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