Three ways workplace giving software improves your CSR programs


Increasing employee engagement and giving initiatives can be a major hurdle for any CSR professional. It’s even harder for smaller companies with limited resources to be efficient on a tight budget. When every dollar counts, so do proven results!

Planning to buy CSR software

That’s why we couldn’t wait to share the results from our recent study. Today we're making the case for integrated software as an effective CSR tool and giving you three ways to make the most of it.

Yes, software has a big impact on corporate giving

Using our workplace giving campaign data from 2012 through 2014, FrontStream’s research team set out to determine if software could have a measurable impact on driving up donations.  The team found that 71% of companies using FrontStream workplace philanthropy software saw an increase in average donation amounts since their campaign’s initial launch.

In fact, the average campaign grew by 7% in the three years after acquiring campaign management software. We also found 54% of workplace campaigns saw a rise in the total value of donations!

How software can increase your workplace campaigns

These results certainly paint a favorable picture for the potential impact of software. Smaller companies who have been hesitant in the past to adopt a software program for reasons such as price, ease of use or implementation, are discovering that campaign management software is more affordable and easier to use than ever.

If you currently have CSR software or are thinking of adopting it to help manage your workplace giving program, here are three things you should know to be sure you are maximizing employee giving and taking full advantage of all your software has to offer.

1. Only take what you’ll use! We’ve all heard this one since preschool, but it applies to more than just buffet lines and free samples at wholesale warehouses. When you are evaluating potential software, make sure to take advantage of customization. Most fundraising software programs will offer tools like campaign management, matching, volunteer, funds processing, international giving, and disaster relief solutions. Match your corporate philanthropy goals with a custom software package so you don’t waste time and money on tools you don’t need.
Question to ask your vendor: "How flexible is your system?"

2. Give the power to the people. Opt for software that offers employees power over how they give, when they give and the charities they choose to support. Not every employee wants payroll deduction so offering alternatives such as debit, credit, or PayPal will engage more participants. Similarly, more employees are opting to donate to specific causes versus one conglomerate organization. Therefore, it’s important to utilize software that comes with numerous, vetted charity choices. Finally, software with mobile optimization will allow busy employees to record volunteer hours, donate to charities, and view goal progress on their own time.
Question to ask your vendor: "Do your features meet the diverse needs of my employees?"

3. Knowledge is power. Simply having campaign management software in place is not enough to spark participation in a workplace giving program. Employees must know it’s there, be trained on how to use it, and have knowledge of giving opportunities available. Technology that makes giving or volunteering easier can make any campaign run more smoothly but nothing replaces good old fashion communication. Keeping employees informed and educated about campaigns along with streamlining software will be more likely to produce positive participation results.
Question to ask your vendor: "What training options do you offer?"

The bottom line

Whether you’re a small business or a major corporation, effective use of software can take your employee engagement and giving to new heights. Your company will see an increase in employee participation and generosity if you ensure your fundraising software’s meets your program’s needs!

More affordable pricing options, ease of use, and customization choices are making it easier than ever for smaller businesses to adopt software that broadens the impact of their workplace giving programs.

Panorama Workplace  can help your company achieve your employee giving goals. Let us match you with the perfect software solution for your team!


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