The Power of Mobile Giving for Nonprofit Fundraising

You know you’ve been spending more time on your mobile device than ever before. But, so has everyone else. Because of that, more people are expecting virtual options to be available, including participation options for both fun and work. As such, much of the world’s population is using smartphones to maintain communications, surf the web and conduct financial transactions. So, shouldn’t your organization leverage smartphone technology to reach this extensive, captive audience so that you can do more good in the world? 

For your charitable organization, optimizing your web pages and events for mobile donations and participation is mission-critical and will not only accelerate your charitable donations but will ensure your future ability to reach your mission’s goals. Now is the time for charities to invest in the latest digital solutions to continue encouraging donor participation and the ability to collect donations at any time — from anywhere! Augmenting your fundraising efforts with mobile giving makes it as easy as possible for donors to get engaged with your cause right from their smartphones. 

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Here are 3 ways mobile giving will boost your fundraising efforts:

Circles 1Mobile Giving Opens the Door to More Giving

With multiple fundraising and participation options now part of our everyday lives, your nonprofit can create in-person, online and hybrid events to show supporters that you have the ability to be inclusive and expand your reach — to anyone and everyone that wants to participate! This is a great way to show that your organization is committed to fulfilling its mission through digital strategies that are available especially right from a smartphone. The dominance of mobile web browsing must be taken into account when developing updated fundraising strategies. In fact, half of all nonprofit website traffic comes from mobile devices today. This trend is only expected to increase in the coming years, so mobile fundraising and mobile-optimized donation pages are more important than ever. Through FrontStream’s Panorama platform, all fundraising pages and donation forms are automatically mobile-optimized.

By optimizing your organization’s web pages for mobile giving, nonprofits can take advantage of this convenient and cost-effective way to meet donors where they are, whether they’re checking social media, scrolling the news or watching a viral video. This also allows nonprofits to offer an engaging user experience for supporters and encourages them to donate to causes they care about directly from their phones.

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Circles 2Reach New Audiences with Mobile Giving 

In addition to offering more ways to engage donors and facilitate donations, mobile-optimized donation pages provide nonprofits an efficient way to reach new audiences. Regardless of what the future holds, adopting an ongoing mobile fundraising strategy is a great way to reach new supporters that otherwise would not learn about your organization or be able to participate in in-person events, such as donors with hectic schedules or those who live in rural areas.

Keeping the lines of communication open with supporters through multiple channels helps nonprofits continue promoting their message and attracting new donors. For instance, mobile giving technologies are enabling a new generation of giving, making it possible for individuals and companies from all backgrounds and industries to give conveniently from their smartphones. Mobile-optimized donation pages are especially key for engaging tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z donors while remaining user-friendly enough for any generation of philanthropists to participate.

If your organization has an online donation page or conducts any online fundraising campaigns including email, it needs to become mobile-savvy. In just the U.S. alone, more than 200 million people have a smartphone within arm’s reach at all times. If you aren’t incorporating a mobile giving strategy into your fundraising efforts that makes it easier for supporters to contribute, you’re missing out on a massive chunk of funding from an ever-growing market.

As more nonprofits adopt and expand their online fundraising options to better engage with donors and raise more funds for their mission, they will want to know what to do with that data. FrontStream created an eGuide with 6 Easy Ways Data and Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise More, check it out!


Circles 3Engage Donors with Unique Experiences

If you want to continue pushing your mission forward as well as prepare for the future, you’ll want to incorporate mobile giving capabilities into your fundraising strategies. For instance, innovative nonprofits are leveraging the ever-changing landscape and providing virtual, online and hybrid fundraising options. Along with mobile giving apps, it makes it even easier to organize active campaigns virtually. Check out FrontStream’s webinar “Host Online, In-Person and Hybrid Auctionsand learn how Panorama’s complete cloud-based auction management platform can help you create successful online, in-person and hybrid auctions from anywhere!

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FrontStream’s all-in-one digital fundraising solution, Panorama, empowers nonprofits to plan, manage and promote fundraising events seamlessly – including walks, runs and rides – with the click of a button. It provides an engaging and fun user experience for your supporters so they can raise funds for causes they care about easily from any smartphone.

At FrontStream, our mission is to help your nonprofit raise more to do more good. With Panorama your organization can take advantage of mobile giving all while planning, managing and promoting your cause seamlessly. We’re here to help you navigate how to set mobile giving up and much more.


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