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We all know the stories of a $5 donor who eventually bequeaths his million dollar estate to an unsuspecting charity. (You should be so lucky!)

However rare, stories like these are a good reminder to check that your Thank-You/Tax Receipt is doing the best job representing your cause possible.

Every donor—at whatever level, no matter how small or big —should receive a fantastic TY/TR.

In addition to the “official”documentation needed for tax filing, the package should contain:

A Short Note of Thanks. The note should affirm that the donor made a smart decision by choosing to give some of his/her hard-earned money to you. In your own way, be sure to tell the donor his gift is making a difference. This note can be written on the bottom of the receipt document, or on a small card (with your logo) accompanying it. Use the person's name, and it should be signed by a real person. This lets the donor know that your organization is made up of real people and gives him/her someone to call should he be ready to bequeath or get further involved.

A Return Envelope. The TY/TR package should make it easy to give another gift by including a reply form and reply envelope. If this makes you queasy, you can soften it by offering a newsletter subscription, asking for email address, or other non-monetary reason to return the card. Mention that “your future gift will continue to make a difference in supporting......”

Info to Invite Engagement. Be creative about including inserts to cultivate the donor's ongoing interest with success stories, mission-related purchases, planned gifts, volunteer opportunities. Not all of these at once! Have various combinations available depending on the situation.

The donor has taken the first step with his/her gift. Whatever the motivation was, it was recent. Be sure to provide a response that will secure the relationship!

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