Success Story: Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

Based out of Arvada, Colorado, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies was founded in 1996 to help rescue, rehab and place unwanted, abandoned or surrendered Golden Retrievers into loving forever homes. They rehome approximately 300 Golden Retrievers annually (and about 6,000 since they were founded!), typically in cases where owners are no longer able to care for the dog. The dogs are fostered at Phoebe’s Place in Arvada and rehomed to families looking for a new companion.

Not only does the nonprofit provide new homes for the Goldens, but they also work to educate the public on awareness of animal rescue organizations, as well as the importance of researching dog breeds and breeders before purchasing a pet. This outreach works to hopefully prevent more unwanted dogs from being abandoned at shelters.

Additionally, part of the nonprofit is dedicated to a special program called Golden Angel. Judi Servoss, the president of Golden Retriever Rescue, explains its impact: “The Golden Angel program helps Golden Retrievers in need of extraordinary medical care. Some Goldens require special medications, treatments or surgeries for acute or chronic conditions resulting from birth defects, accidents or disease, such as hip dysplasia, heart problems, allergies, heartworm, orthopedic problems, eye diseases, infections, etc. Others may need significant behavioral rehab or socialization due to abuse or neglect, before they can be adopted.

“Without this intervention, many of them would not be likely candidates for adoption; however, we can't say no to these special Goldens. This program helps more of these dogs find a quality, pain-free life in a new, loving home, or if needed, a caring ‘hospice’ foster home.”

Because these Golden Angels need veterinary care, Golden Retriever Rescue relies on donations to help offset expenses. In 2017 alone, they spent $154,000 on vet care for these special dogs, and they use Panorama’s donor management tools to help organize and view their data.

“GiftWorks [now Panorama] saves us an enormous amount of time, by allowing us to shape the information we want to receive,” Servoss explains. “One specific example is that we have added a new Colorado Western Slope member/fundraising event to our calendar for 2018 because of the customized way we are able to look at the data. We discovered a strong geographic pocket of interest that we had not previously addressed separately.”

Additionally, Panorama helped Golden Retriever Rescue utilize the Smartlists feature in its donor management tool in order to more carefully focus their community-based appeals. “This has resulted in engaging more people, helping to create a localized community and thus perhaps, raise more money based on a specific appeal. We believe the increased focus has really helped.”

If you’re looking to maximize your donations, take a page out of Golden Retriever Rescue’s book and use specific donor management tools to take a look at the data. You might be surprised to find that there are markets or demographics you aren’t tapping! Also, you could be putting different levels of emphasis on different communities in order to heighten results. It’s all about using the resources at hand to get the data to tell you insights you might have missed otherwise.

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