Spring cleaning with SmartLists


Are things feeling a little stuffy and cluttered lately? With spring on the way, you might be considering cleaning out your garage, attic, or office space. But another area that could use some spring cleaning is where you keep your donor records. Are you storing your donor lists digitally, still relying on pen and paper - or even simply keeping them in your head?

If you have data in all of these places, your spring-cleaning solution is a modern donor database like GiftWorks Cloud. Its SmartLists feature can help you keep track of your donor data more effectively, and these lists are immeasurably valuable when it comes to segmenting your donors and sending out targeted communications. If you're struggling with organizing your donor data and need a better system, here are a few reasons why the SmartLists of GiftWorks Cloud could work for you.

Better reporting

The modern-day nonprofit definitely needs a reporting system in place. If you want to get the overall picture surrounding your donors, their activity, and how they're fundraising for you, then you need to have the ability to pull reports. GiftWorks Cloud uses SmartLists to find exactly what data you need for your reports, and then put together findings that will illuminate how your donors are giving to your cause and volunteering at your events.

More mobility

Tired of being bound to your computer in order to have access to your donor database? Looking for software that can move with you. By using SmartLists, you'll be able to access your donor lists wherever you are, from any device that has internet access. Plus, it's smart to also choose a solution that will allow you to export reports to common formats, just to make sure everyone can have quick access.

Effective marketing

SmartLists have the capability to segment your donor base by any number of factors: age, location, interests, and more. You can even split them up by volunteers, constituents, event participants, and so on - the only limit is your imagination! You can even use a SmartList generator to instantly organize and populate lists depending on selected variables.

If you're looking to do some spring cleaning of your donor database, consider a smart solution in the form of GiftWorks Cloud and SmartLists - not only will they get you organized, but they'll help you with marketing and communication all year round.



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