Share your fundraising victories!

Fundraisers are always conscientious about announcing the successful completion of a campaign, the doubling of the number of registrants for an event, the impressive number of houses renovated.  The trick is to celebrate the smaller everyday victories as well.  Not for the media, but for those hard-workers (usually volunteers) who make it all work.

Those who prepare mailings, hand out tee-shirts, contribute their graphic skills to improve your website deserve to enjoy the little successes their efforts produce.

Let them be the first to know when the results of that mailing exceed projections.  Report the compliments the mayor made about the organization of the run.  When a Board member handwrites a personal note on a solicitation—with a positive result, you may not be able to tell him the amount of the donation, but you can certainly share with him that he’s been instrumental spreading the reach of your organization.

I volunteer for a Christmas Gift Wrap program where the 5000 bows we use each December are prepared (wound) by three or four volunteers over the summer.  This kind of background support deserves appreciation as much as a $1,000 gift.

It may require a little creativity to find a great way to share results with your volunteers, but don’t let that stop you!

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