Our newest integration turns employee donors into powerful fundraisers!

P2P Workplace Together

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new integration between two FrontStream platforms that will strengthen the connection between corporate and personal giving. We’ve integrated FirstGiving fundraising pages with FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy’s Campaign Management tool!

With this enhancement, employees participating in corporate giving campaigns will be able to create a FirstGiving page in just a few minutes, extending their fundraising efforts into their personal network.

Bigger Opportunities for Nonprofits

The FirstGiving-Workplace Philanthropy integration lets your supporters within corporations play a bigger role in raising funds for your cause! In addition to the personal contributions they make through their employer’s campaign – such as payroll deductions, matched gifts, or direct donations – they can easily begin their own grassroots fundraising efforts and raise additional funds from their friends and family.

Nonprofits will want to make sure they are reaching out to corporate donors through the Workplace Philanthropy platform and ask them to take the next simple steps to magnify their impact.

Bigger Impact for Corporations

With the new integration, corporate CSR programs will have more potential for impact than ever before.

To help track and quantify this impact, Workplace Philanthropy’s Campaign Management tool will be able to access detailed employee fundraising data from FirstGiving. Campaign Management administrators can retrieve a list of employees who have created FirstGiving fundraising pages and include data about the donations to their pages in their corporate fundraising reports. This information is easily searchable and exportable for ease of use.

Managers of corporate giving campaigns can let employees know how simple it is to setup a FirstGiving grassroots campaign and show the effectiveness by sharing company-wide results. Combined with Workplace Philanthropy’s gift matching and volunteerism solutions, the possibilities for fantastic CSR programs are better than ever before!

Want to see exactly what the new integration can do for your CSR initiatives? Request more information today!

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