You're invited to one of our biggest webinars of the year!

In less than a week, we'll be presenting our first co-hosted webinar with our friends at HubSpot, and we want you to be there! (Pssst - it's completely free)

It's titled Insert Generic Message Here: The Biggest Communication Mistakes You Make With Your Donors, it's taking place on Wednesday August 30th at 1pm EST, and it's going to be full of knowledge that every nonprofit should know.

Here's the thing: Targeted communication is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience, but many nonprofits are falling short on personalized messaging. Sending the same message to non-donors, one-time donors, and recurring donors can be frustrating for your subscribers.

Here are five key things you'll learn in the webinar!

Why you should personalize your email


Common mistakes and how to avoid them


How to properly target your audience using social media


Why donor personas are important


How companies personalize their content to reach you, and how you as a charity can steal those ideas!


Register today for the webinar on Wednesday August 30th at 1pm EST and get ready to learn how to master personalized social advertising and email marketing.

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