Rethink dementia with The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes



Picture from Yahoo! Japan Picture from Yahoo! Japan


Have you ever sent back a dish at a restaurant because it was the wrong one? Try visiting a restaurant in Japan where that happens on purpose - but for good cause awareness.

The Restaurant of Order Mistakes in Tokyo was a pop-up restaurant that ran from June 2nd to 4th, and it specifically hired staff with dementia to show that people can still be functioning members of society even with a degenerative brain disease.

Although there was a good chance that you wouldn't get exactly what you ordered, it sounded like the customers were delighted by the elderly staff anyway. There are plans in the works to do another pop-up restaurant in Tokyo along these lines to commemorate World Alzheimer's Day in September.

First Shazam, now restaurants - it just goes to show how much of a push creative campaigns can give to worthy causes like Alzheimer's research.


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