Two scoops for marriage equality!

Do you want an extra scoop on your ice cream cone? If you happen to be in Australia and at a Ben & Jerry's location, you're out of luck - your summery treat is restricted to a single scoop. But it's all for a good cause: raising awareness of marriage equality Down Under.

72% of Australia's population supports same-sex marriage, yet it's still illegal for men to marry men or women to marry women in Australia. Ben & Jerry's, in an inspired bit of corporate social responsibility, is using its brand to take a stand on this issue - they will only serve solo scoops of a single flavor to its customers, and their stores will provide postcards for customers to fill out that will then be delivered before the final Australian parliamentary session on June 13th.


Not only does their website detail the cause campaign, but it also seeks to educate visitors on why the Marriage Act is outdated and how Senate inquiries towards LGBQTI rights in Australia have gone nowhere.

And this isn't even the first time Ben & Jerry's have wielded their CSR power for good - they have a whole website section on issues they care about, ranging from climate change to fair trade to social justice.

We have to say, we're sure Frank the Pig would enjoy more than one scoop of ice cream:


Take Ben & Jerry's lead and look into how your company's mission can align with various causes - you could be doing more good in the world than you think!

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