Create Pinterest 'Place Pins' to highlight your nonprofit's work

Addicted to Pinterest? Samesies. Guess what: your supporters probably are too. Don't forget, women are five times as likely to use Pinterest as men. The women you'll find on Pinterest are likely going to be between 18 and 49 years old with at least some post-secondary education. Sound like your target demo? Read forth…

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Last week Pinterest announced Place Pins "for the explorer in all of us." Take note my nonprofit friends, because this feature is great news for your cause.

Use Place Pins to highlight your work in four steps:

1. Create a Pinterest pin board with a map
Creating a pin board with a map is super easy. When you create a new board, switch the "Add a map" feature to the "on" position.

When you click "Create Board" your new Pinterest board will have a sleek map for a background with your pins cascading down the left-hand side of the browser page.

2. Add your Place Pin
To add your first place pin, click the "Add a Place" button located to the right of your board's description box.

Pinterest will prompt you for the city you wish to pin as well as a description of your pin. This is where you can include a description of the work you are doing along with a link to your work. This description will be the first caption shown under your image.

3. Add a photo
Upload your own image to accompany your place pin. Make sure you only use photos you have permission to use. The image you decide to use should help your audience identify your project and make them want to click for more information.

4. Edit your pin
This step is very important. You must edit your pin to ensure that it directs people back to the content you want them to see.

Want to see Pinterest place pin boards in action? Here are 3 of my favourites so far:

An awesome way to discover San Francisco on foot

A list of the world's best festivals

Map of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the UK

Does your nonprofit have an awesome Pinterest place board? Share it with me on Twitter @AllieKosela.


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