A whole new mobile experience for FrontStream Fundraising Pro!

There’s no question that mobile fundraising is absolutely key to a successful peer-to-peer campaign. Making it easy for supporters to fundraise and donors to give, no matter what device the'yre using at the time, has a big impact on the amount you can raise for your cause.

With that in mind, today we are unveiling a stunning redesign to all of the mobile fundraising pages on FrontStream Fundraising Pro!

A Sleek, Modern Look and Feel

Our updated design has added mobile slide-out menus, clearer call-to-action buttons, and visible social sharing options at the top of each page, for both donors and fundraisers.


Take a look through our new redesign and you’ll find tons more enhancements to make navigating and using mobile pages user-friendly and comfortable, so your donors and fundraisers will have no trouble taking action on a smartphone or tablet.

It will delight your supporters, and the great new look will boost your nonprofit and campaign branding capabilities.

Customize the Style for Your Cause

As always, you can customize the refreshed designs to match your organization or event’s look. You’ll find it easy to adjust the mobile menu, call-to-action buttons, and edit all of the content for your mobile fundraising pages. You can make all the changes you want from the administrator console.

Have different design ideas in mind for your mobile and browser-based fundraising pages? You can edit the designs separately so that they have as much or as little in common as you’d like!

Want to see our mobile redesign in action and learn how it can help your cause? Request a demo today!

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