What is ApproveForGood?

ApproveForGood is an online donation and sponsorship management solution for companies looking to streamline, manage, and automate their charitable giving process. We provide an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based software that completely eliminates data entry, generates multiple reports, and allows your company to easily measure your corporate social responsibility (CSR). ApproveForGood also has the ability to create shipping labels, set up email staff alerts and notifications, track certificate numbers and expiration dates, and assign user permission levels. We have it all!

Why choose ApproveForGood?

Companies choose ApproveForGood for many reasons. We have a dedicated customer support team, allowing each client to have access to an account manager that will help troubleshoot, advise, and serve your company’s needs. The program continues to evolve month after month, with a development team that consistently builds features and enhancements based upon the needs of our customers and our industry. Furthermore, ApproveForGood is the most user-friendly system on the market, designed to help streamline, automate and manage your entire charitable giving process.

What kind of support is offered?

Each of our partners has a dedicated account manager. The account manager helps customize and implement your request form, and is your main point of contact throughout your year-long subscription. Your account manager is an expert on the system, and can assist with any questions as well as share best practices with you.

Are there different package options or pricing tiers?

We have one level of service because we want every partner to have the same amazing abilities within the tool. Having both a donation request and sponsorship request solution, you can have both, or one or the other. You can purchase whatever system(s) best suits your needs.

How much time will I save using ApproveForGood?

Without our system, manually processing a request takes 15 minutes on average from receipt to fulfillment. ApproveForGood cuts that time by 80%, getting the job done in just 1-3 minutes! How? The program eliminates data entry, provides real-time reporting and can send automatic email responses.

Can I stay personal with ApproveForGood’s automated system?

ApproveForGood can be as customized or as automated as you want it to be! You have the freedom to add your own questions to the request form, customize every single response email you send out, and shape the system to match your company’s giving guidelines.

Who is FrontStream?

FrontStream is a complete solution for nonprofit, education, and corporate philanthropy. FrontStream’s philanthropy solutions serve over 30,000 non-profit, education, and corporate clients, raising over $1 billion dollars for good causes annually. FrontStream is revolutionizing philanthropy through the use of integrated data that connects causes and organizations with their donors and supporters. The FrontStream Philanthropy Platform is an integrated ecosystem of software and services that unifies fundraising, data analysis, event management, employee giving, volunteering and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We provide an unparalleled set of tools and data that enables nonprofits and corporations to better understand and enhance the impact of their collective philanthropic efforts.

What do I get if I purchase ApproveForGood?

You receive a unique online request form, as well as an administrative content management system. The form is customized to your company brand, and makes it easy for a requester to give you all of the information you need about their request. The backend system allows you to review, respond to, track and report on the requests submitted through your form.

What is the turn-around time to get up and running?

We pride ourselves on getting you set up and launched within 24 hours, although we’ve seen it done in as little as 4 hours! If you have a goal in mind, your account manager will work in tandem with you to keep things on track for that desired launch date.

How do I sign up?

Signing up with our online system is quick and easy! Connect with our sales team to get started.

Does ApproveForGood provide me with reports?

Yes! With ApproveForGood, you can easily create custom reports on a yearly, monthly, or even daily basis. The reports include dollars donated, spend by item, and spend by cause group, and can be easily exported into Excel© with a single click.

What if I still get requests the old fashioned way (ie. fax, phone calls, letters)?

With ApproveForGood, you’ll get your own unique URL to which you can easily direct those requesters. For example, you can print postcards with your URL to send back to requests received by mail, or create a voicemail message detailing your new process to callers.

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