Today we have exciting news to share about ApproveForGood, our donation and sponsorship management solution for corporations. But first, a little refresher if you’re not familiar with the best way to manage your sponsorship and donation request process:

What is ApproveForGood?

ApproveForGood is a donation and sponsorship management platform for companies who understand the value of deepening their connection to local communities.

We partner with hundreds of companies – from professional sports teams to premier hotels to restaurants – and empower them to quickly and transparently manage donations and streamline their request processes online.

If you’re having a hard time juggling donation requests and want to streamline the process in order to maximize your time with minimal effort, ApproveForGood should be your number one choice.

A new look and feel

Over the past few months, ApproveForGood has gotten a facelift and undergone some maintenance. We have redesigned not only the website (, but also the entire ApproveForGood product. We hope you’ll enjoy the refresh as much as we do!

Introducing ApproveForGood Basic (it’s FREE!)

We now have a Basic version of ApproveForGood! When you sign up for Basic, you get a one-year free trial of the simplified donation management system; afterward, it’s just $180 per year if you want to continue with the Basic service.

ApproveForGood Basic is limited in features, but you have the opportunity to upgrade to the paid version to get all the AFG goodness we have to offer anytime. With that said, your organization will still be able to see an impact with ApproveForGood Basic.

Here’s an example of one of the basic features you’ll have access to:

Your own branded Online Request Form: Move your donation request process online! Streamline what is typically a manual task with letters, faxes and emails. Get your donations online from the get-go so that you can respond and process them faster. Include your logo, information about your organization, and social media links on the request form to mirror your company’s website.

Are there other perks of having an online request form? You bet! Having a formalized submission process where all requests can be directed to a single avenue makes your job that much easier. No more compiling paper requests into spreadsheets!

Premium Features

If you’re ready to sign up for the full version, here’s a taste of what you’ll have access to:

Auto Reject Filters: Reject donation requests automatically with filters based on your own donation criteria. Tired of requesters not reading your guidelines and submitting anyway? We may not be able to prevent that, but ApproveForGood will professionally deny those requests for you. You can even customize the rejection message to give the requester the specific reason why they were rejected.

Marketing Questions: Ever wondered, “How can I turn these donation requesters into customers?” Use your donation request form as a launching point for your company’s new or ongoing business and marketing initiatives. Add up to 12 custom questions to your form and get the answers you need to inform these efforts (ie. “Would you like to receive our monthly email newsletter?” or “Please send me information about your private event space.”). It is easy to get a return on your investment with ApproveForGood if you ask the right questions!

Plus, a dedicated account manager to be your strategic partner throughout your subscription!

If you’re a corporation that’s having trouble juggling sponsorship requests and charity donations, ApproveForGood might be the ideal solution for you. Try out the Basic version of ApproveForGood to see how it works for you, and consider signing up for the full version in order to access all the ApproveForGood features to help you manage your requests.

Got questions or inquiries? Check out our revamped website to learn more about what ApproveForGood can do for you.

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