Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral

NationalCathedral1Just up the street from TRUiST’s headquarters in Washington, DC is the stunning historical landmark, the Washington National Cathedral. With its one-of-a-kind architecture and massive presence, both physically and in the nation’s philanthropic realm, it’s no wonder this local nonprofit organization stands out.

Like many DC landmarks, the National Cathedral has a long, deeply rooted history. Discussions initiated by Pierre L’Enfant to create a “great church for national purposes” began in 1792. It wasn’t until over a hundred years later, in 1907, however that construction actually began. Construction finally ended after 83 years, in 1990. Due to damage caused by the 2011 Virginia Earthquake, renovations on decorative work, such as carvings and statuary, are still ongoing.

CarillonThe National Cathedral Association (NCA) was established in 1899, eight years before the Cathedral’s foundation began. Their vision was and still is “to create a spiritual home for the nation.” With the support of generous donors across the US, not only does the Cathedral remain the nation’s central gathering place for important national and church events, but the NCA can continue to provide cultural and educational programs for children and adults. Over the years, the Cathedral has raised funds for the Women’s Porch, the NCA Bay, and completing the building itself.

Many individuals, including TRUiST’s President and CEO, William Horne, have a personal connection with the National Cathedral. With a desire to continue in the footsteps of his ancestor, Bessie J. Kibbey, who generously donated the Cathedral’s Kibbey Carillon in memory of her grandparents, Horne and his wife recently launched an effort to preserve the carillon and provide continuing education for future carillioneurs. “When we hear the bells reach, as Dean Sayre wrote, ‘beyond the limits of this churchyard to the ears of all–whether they attend church or not,’ it is our goal for the carillon as part of the Cathedral to continue reaching people of all faiths and moving them in such a way that they would like to be connected to their faith of choice,” says Horne.

The National Cathedral is the second-largest cathedral in the US and receives no support from the federal government or any national church. Its mission is to establish reconciliation among faiths and compassion in the world. By preserving this space and by continually improving programming, the Cathedral’s message of faith, peace, and reconciliation will only spread, reaching people of today and of future generations.

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