Workplace Giving Program: 20+ Attention-Grabbing Templates & Tips

This is the second of three blog posts in our series on employee participation in workplace giving programs. Check out the first one here, and stay tuned for the final blog post coming soon!

In the first blog post of our series on bolstering participation in workplace giving programs, we cover dozens of fun promotion ideas for overcoming common challenges companies face regarding increasing employee participation.

So, now that you know the biggest challenges to driving employee participation in a workplace giving program—along with 23 fun ways to overcome them—it’s time to dive a little deeper! Here, we offer tips for making your “outreach game” total eye candy in ways that’ll have your employees lining up to take part and support the causes they care about. Let’s get into catchy hooks, imagery, and email templates guaranteed to increase your workplace giving program participation for good:




Create Catchy "Hooks" for Your Workplace Giving Program

Catchy hooks are essential to grab employees' attention and pique their interest in your workplace giving program. Here are ten ideas you can use in your promotion strategy:


Impact Meter

"Last year, our employees made a difference! With [X] employees participating, we donated [Y] dollars and volunteered [Z] hours. Let's aim higher this year!"


Community Champions

"Meet [Employee Name], a true community champion! Their dedication to [Cause] through our giving program is inspiring. Read their story and join us in making a difference!"


The Power of [Cause]

"Did you know that [Cause] is one of the most supported initiatives by our employees? Last year [%] of dollars (or hours volunteered) went towards this cause. Let's continue to stand together for [Cause] this year!"


Double the Impact

"This year, every dollar you donate will be matched by the company. If every employee gave $25/pay period, we would donate $[$50 * # of pay periods] as a team! Let's make every contribution count and double our impact on [Cause]!"


Spotlight on Success

"Last year, our giving program achieved amazing results! Let's celebrate [Specific Accomplishment], and together, let's achieve even greater heights!" 



"Ever wonder how your contributions make a difference? Take a journey behind the scenes and witness the incredible impact of our giving program!" [Spotlight a charity and its impact on the community.]


Championing Change

"Be part of the movement! Join the ranks of our employees who are actively championing change and making a difference through our giving program."


Causes Close to Home

"Discover the causes that resonate most with our employees! From [Cause 1] to [Cause 2], let's come together for what matters most to us." 


Milestones Matter

"Last year, we hit a major milestone! [X] employees participated in our giving program. Let's set an even bigger record this year!" [This same idea can apply during the promotion period as you hit milestones around # of participants, dollars pledges, # of volunteering events, and/or hours volunteered.] 

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The Ripple Effect

"Your contribution creates a ripple effect of positive change. Together, we can impact lives, transform communities, and create a better world." 


*** Remember to personalize these hooks to align with the specific details and goals of your workplace giving program. Tailoring them to reflect your company's culture and values will make them even more compelling to employees. ***


Choose Eye-Catching Imagery to Make Your Workplace Giving Program POP

Choosing the right imagery for your workplace giving campaign is crucial as it sets the tone that will resonate with your employees. Here are some types of imagery that work well, along with considerations, based on different industries:


Diverse and Inclusive Groups

Show a diverse group of employees engaged in volunteering or participating in charitable activities. Aim for imagery that reflects a mix of genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds that matches your employee base.


Candid Moments of Giving

Capture genuine moments of employees actively participating in charitable events or projects. Emphasize the authenticity and creativity of the moments captured. 


Team Collaboration

Showcase employees working together towards a common charitable goal. Highlight teamwork and unity in the pursuit of a shared cause. 


Impact and Results

Illustrate the tangible results of employees' giving efforts, such as volunteers building homes or handing over donations.


Faces of Gratitude

Show the smiles and expressions of gratitude from the beneficiaries of the giving program. Emphasize the positive impact that employees can have on others' lives. 


Inspirational Quotes or Messages

Overlay images with motivational quotes or messages related to giving and community impact. Ensure these employee engagement quotes resonate with the company culture. 


Before and After

Display the transformative journey of a project or cause, from its initial state to the positive change achieved.


Local Community Engagement

Showcase employees actively involved in community service, events, fundraisers, or local projects. In industries with a strong local presence (such as banking, retail, and hospitality), emphasize the company's commitment to the local community.


Global Impact

Illustrate how the company's giving program contributes to global causes and makes a difference on a larger scale. In industries with a global reach (like international trade or environmental consulting): Emphasize the company's international footprint. 


Celebrating Milestones

Highlight significant achievements and milestones reached through the workplace giving program. 


*** Remember to choose imagery that aligns with your company's values, industry, and the specific causes supported by your giving program. This will help select the visuals that resonate with your employees and reinforce the program's mission. ***


3 Email Templates for Promoting Payroll Giving Opportunities

Feel free to customize these emails to fit your company's specific voice, culture, and details about your workplace giving program. (Always maintain a tone of gratitude, celebration, and encouragement throughout.) 


Email 1:   "Introducing Our Workplace Giving Program: Be a Part of Something Amazing!"

Subject: Embrace the Power of Giving Together

Email Body:

Dear [Employee's Name],

We hope this message finds you well. We're excited to share the wonderful news with you! [Company Name] is launching [or: “re-launching”] a workplace giving program, and we invite you to be a part of this incredible initiative.

The program is all about creating a positive impact, both within our organization and in the communities we serve. By participating, you have the opportunity to support causes that resonate with you personally.

In the past, our collective efforts have achieved remarkable results, and we're eager to see what we can accomplish together this year. Your participation matters, and your contribution makes a real difference. [Use this paragraph only if you are re-launching your program.]

Stay tuned for more details and inspiring stories from fellow employees who have been a part of this program in the past. [Use the previous sentence only if you are re-launching your program.] Let's [continue to] make a positive change in the world, one act of kindness at a time!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
   [Your Title]


Email 2: "Celebrating Our Workplace Giving Program: Join Us in Making a Difference!"

Subject: Reflecting on the Impact of Our Giving

Email Body:

Dear [Employee's Name],

As we embark on a new season, it's a perfect time to reflect on the incredible impact we've collectively achieved through our Workplace Giving Program. Your generosity and dedication to making a difference in the lives of others is truly commendable.

Last year, [X] us participated, donating a total of [Y] dollars and contributing [Z] hours of volunteer work. Together, we supported causes that resonate with our shared values and beliefs.

Your involvement in this program not only enriches the lives of those we help but also strengthens our sense of community and purpose within the company.

Stay tuned for updates and stories of inspiration from fellow employees. Let's continue to build on our legacy of compassion and kindness!

With gratitude,

[Your Name]
   [Your Title]


Email 3: "Empowering Change: Join Our Workplace Giving Program Today!"

Subject: Unleash the Power of Giving Back

Email Body:

Dear [Employee's Name],

We hope this message finds you in good spirits. We’re excited to kick off another year of our Workplace Giving Program, an initiative close to our hearts.

This program is about more than just financial contributions. It's about the collective force of everyone coming together to create positive change in the world. It's about volunteering time, showing kindness, and supporting causes that matter.

Your participation is invaluable, and every action counts. Together, we can amplify our impact and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Stay tuned for updates, stories of inspiration, and opportunities to get involved. Let's write a new chapter of positive change together!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
   [Your Title]


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