Why Charitable Giving is Important to Businesses

While giving $100 to your favorite charity or volunteering an afternoon to help at a homeless shelter will make you feel great and provides an excellent example to others in your community, there is a practical limit to the long-term benefits and the social impact we can all personally have on our community through giving.

But when hundreds or thousands of people get together and coordinate their giving, as occurs during a well-executed corporate giving campaign, tremendous and lasting good can be done for the community.  This effect is further enhanced as the CSR program continues over months or years.

Beyond the profit to the community, however, charitable giving provides important benefits to the business itself as well, both internally and externally.

External Benefits

When a company establishes a strategic CSR program, they will begin to see positive results in the commercial world almost immediately in several ways:

Internal Benefits

The benefits of a corporate charitable giving program are not limited just to external results:

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