How to build donor personas for your nonprofit

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Sales and marketing professionals use personas to understand their various types of buyers and audiences, making it easier to analyze and target potential customers.

Did you know that creating donor personas (also known as donor profiles) can help your nonprofit organization fundraise more effectively?

Why build donor personas

Your base of supporters is diverse. There are donors who will contribute as much as they can each year, those who can’t give much but always want to volunteer, one-time donors and others who will vary their support year-to-year. Supporters vary in gender, age, profession and location. Despite all of these individual differences, diving into your demographic data will reveal trends and groupings about the way certain types of supporters behave when it comes to your cause.

When you identify and name these groups, you can create useful donor personas! Donor personas help you paint an easy-to-understand picture of your supporters to learn their habits and preferences. Use your personas as a guide to segment the right communication to the right audience.

A good donor persona also prepares you to spot future supporters when you come across them in-person or online.

How to build effective personas

GiftWorks is the perfect tool to build your donor personas. It’s designed exclusively for nonprofits and integrates seamlessly with FrontStream’s fundraising solutions. Try it free today!

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