Forgotten Constituents!

So much of our focus is on our donors, don’t forget those internal stakeholders! Special attention should be given to those whose support makes our work possible. You probably do have a plan for nurturing your Board each year. But do you have nurture plans for your staff, volunteers, and clients?

Why do you need to add this assignment to your already long list? What are the benefits?

How do you do this?

Although we don’t often think of clients as potential donors, that may be a mistake. Low-income donors generally give a larger percent of their income than other donors. Give them the opportunity to participate in the work of your organization, not just the benefits. Let them share in the ownership. (Think of Habitat for Humanity Homes.) They may also be able to add connections related to your mission—professionals, related organizations, etc. These stakeholders are too valuable an asset to neglect!

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