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Wellness & charitable giving in one, optimal user experience

FrontStream is partnering with MoveSpring to enhance the effectiveness of your key employee engagement strategies by pairing them together in one, optimal experience.


For  information about adding real-time activity tracking  to your peer-to-peer fundraising event, click here.


Donate in the app

Allow users to donate to a cause of your choice directly in the app.


Customize a journey

Make your charitable step challenge an  adventure. Unlock fun surprises and milestones as you move in real-time along a virtual map. Customize your map and milestones to connect with your charitable cause.


Share meaningful content

Upload  videos, articles, and posts  to educate users on a cause, share stories of survivors, underscore the impact of donating, post announcements, and promote offline events. Option to brand the content.


Incorporate sponsors

Incorporate sponsors, just like you would with a traditional charity walk.

74% of employees say they are more satisfied and fulfilled at their job when provided opportunities to give back to their communities.

Step up your social responsibility initiatives

Make your charitable giving initiatives more inclusive and engaging by creating a virtual campaign on MoveSpring.

  • Flexible: Our flexible platform allows for highly creative campaigns that fit your brand, cause, and goal
  • Inclusive: Our challenges are designed to work for groups of various sizes and activity levels
  • Ongoing: Employees participate on their own time, over a long period of time, instead of an expensive, one-day event
  • Exciting: Different challenges keep things fresh and promote ongoing engagement
  • Community: Community focused features, such as friends and chat, provide the social solidarity and accountability to stay motivated

Ready to make fitness & fundraising fun at your organization?

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