We are all familiar with their work. They build schools, staff orphanages, fight hunger, preserve international heritage, and promote a world of greater understanding through cultural exchange and other programs. While “non-profit” and “non-governmental” organizations are frequently interchangeable terms, the term Non-Governmental organization or “NGO” has become synonymous with international charitable work improving lives around the world every day.

Especially in a time when the fight against Ebola still rages, FrontStream joins the United Nations system, the heroes of Doctors Without Borders and other aid organizations, and the world in celebrating #WorldNGODay!

How can you get involved?

1) Give: In the US only 1% of workplace donations were to organizations classified by the IRS as working in the realm of International and Foreign Affairs! Consider choosing an international charity that matters to you to benefit from your next workplace donation or donate to a project that connects with you.

2) Engage: Join the conversation on Twitter about organizations supporting development around the world for #WorldNGODay.

3) Act: Consider volunteering internationally and experiencing the challenges that communities all over the world are working to address with their NGO partners. If that suggestion would take you too far from home, consider giving back locally by starting a workplace volunteering campaign!

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