You already know that an effective online donation form includes clean design, monthly giving choices, mobile-optimization, social log-in, “in honor” or “in memory” options too – all the essentials you need to help your supporters give securely and easily!

But did you know that offering donors a choice of giving levels will increase the overall average donation amount? Research confirms that donors will give more when they’re prompted with specific amounts.

Should you start your levels at $20? $65?

Many charities and nonprofits set a giving array without evaluating the performance of their chosen donation amounts. It takes time, and a lot of testing, to determine which amounts are most effective with donors.

We’ve launched a simple way to take the guesswork out of your fundraising campaigns.

Artez’s Dynamic Donation Amounts™ tool automatically customizes the giving levels on any donation page, tribute appeal, or even peer-to-peer fundraising event.

Our system analyzes the giving behavior of your past donors and changes the suggested amounts on your form to encourage higher donation amounts. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you can just “set it and forget it”!

Does it work?

You bet. We’ve just completed a performance review of charities using the Dynamic Donation Amounts feature. Charities and nonprofits that enabled automatic giving levels saw a significant increase in their average donation amounts.

Dynamic Donation Amounts increased the average donation amount by an incredible 20%.

Learn how it works in our new eBook: The Incredible Power of Dynamic Donation Amounts.

Dynamic Donation Amounts

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Raise more in your next campaign by leveraging insights from your own donor data!

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