Nearly a year after Hurricane Sandy swept through the eastern coast of the US, people are still displaced and the striking damage is still being repaired. Many cities have been forced to start over and completely rebuild.

Only a 3-4 hour drive from Truist headquarters in Washington, DC, our employees, friends, and families were directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Last fall, Truist organized several relief efforts to help assist east coast residents in reconstructing their lives. Through these efforts, Truist employees gained an appreciation for the many organizations involved in Hurricane Sandy relief. Truist’s Director of IT Infrastructure, Katie Boswell, tells her story about her favorite charity, Sea Bright Rising.

“I grew up in a town called Rumson, located amongst a number of small coastal (“shore”) towns. As a child, the town of Sea Bright was a second home to me. I ate breakfast with my mother, grandfather, and uncle at Steve’s Luncheonette. I spent countless summer days on the beaches there, and woke up early each morning to make it to swim team practice. As an adult, many of my family and friends grew to call Sea Bright home, and so I have always thought of Sea Bright as being where I came from.

When Hurricane Sandy struck, it left devastation in its wake. I will never forget going through my grandparent’s belongings, trying in vain to find anything to salvage. We were lucky we had family to band together and restore my grandmother’s home. Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky as we were.

Fortunately for those people, Woody of Woody’s Bar and Grille wasted no time in forming Sea Bright Rising, a nonprofit organization to help those people and small businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. Sea Bright Rising works to help people who cannot afford the costs of repairs of reconstruction. This includes finding people interim housing and providing rental assistance.

While it’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy struck the New Jersey coast, many families and business owners are still struggling to rebuild their homes and businesses. With homes and jobs literally wiped out by the winds and water of Hurricane Sandy, these Sea Bright residents continue to need assistance to rebuild this town that is so dear to my heart.”

Sea Bright Rising is a nonprofit organization devoted to the relief of the needy and/or displaced and the general recovery of the town of Sea Bright, New Jersey as a result of the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012.

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