If you’ve ever bought tickets to a popular concert the minute you get the email on your phone, you know how critical it is to have a quick and easy checkout experience on a mobile device!

Your donors feel the same way, but not every charity makes it possible for their supporters to give anywhere, from any device. How can your nonprofit organization ensure that your donation forms work on smartphones and tablets?

The answer is mobile responsive design – a way of building a webpage so that content and images are automatically sized to the screen size you’re browsing on.

Responsive design is why some webpages look great on both your smartphone and your laptop. A lack of responsive design means that a webpage might look fine on your computer, but squished up and unintelligible on your smartphone.

How does this affect donations to your nonprofit’s fundraising site? We’re glad you asked:

Reasons why mobile responsive design matters

1. You want your donors on mobile devices to have the same great experience as those on laptops or PCs. Our numbers for May 2017 show that almost 50% of donors on donation forms are using smartphones and tablets!

2. A design that looks good on smartphones won’t slow down donors and avoids lowering your conversion rate. Don’t tempt your donors to bounce from your page because they suspect their checkout experience will be frustrating or insecure.

3. Your organization will only create content for your donation form once, as opposed to building one website for mobile visitors and one website for laptops or PCs.

4. Email is the top converting online channel for nonprofits, and most emails are read on mobile devices. Every time you send an email appeal, make sure the “donate now” button leads to a responsive form and you’ll be more likely to convert your supporters on smartphones.

Our donation and tribute template is now mobile responsive

Last year, we released the All-in-One Donation and Tribute Template. In this release, we updated the page and made it responsive. So now, no matter what device (tablet, mobile or laptop/desktop), the page will accommodate and display optimally regardless of the screen size. Perfect for donors who want to give on the go!

But wait, there’s more!

If your supporters make a donation in honor or in memory of someone, they can send them a beautiful personalized eCard to let them know about the honorary donation. Mobile responsive design means that it’s easy for them to create an eCard right on their smartphone.

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