Whatever the frequency of your newsletters, make each one fresh, unique, and valuable to the reader.  You may think repeated information provides an additional hit, but it doesn’t if the donor ignores it.

It’s too easy to fall into the habit of rerunning the announcement of your gala, calls for volunteers, upcoming education schedule, etc.  The problem with this is that the reader sees something he’s read before and assumes that he needn’t read further.  Even worse, the reader begins to regard your communications as something he doesn’t need to read.  Zzzzzzz.

Content and visuals must be new, even if the topic isn’t. That wonderful poster graphic for the gala is only News once.  Each subsequent pitch must be based on a different facet, use a different (or variation of) visual interest, and be just as “new” as the first one.

With a newsletter, you never know if the reader received the prior issue or took the time to read it.  You want the reader to feel the excitement of the event, even if he’s already bought his ticket. Give yourself a fresh chance to make the sell each time.

It takes more work to freshen the news every time, but it’s worth it.  Imagine if you opened next Sunday’s paper and saw the same headline you’d seen the week before.  You’d either think you were losing your mind or you’d think “I don’t really need to renew this subscription.”

Make sure your newsletter is valuable for subscribers each time it’s sent, and you’ll see subscription and readership rates stay strong!

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