Is your company thinking about how to give back to your community through employee giving or volunteering campaigns?

Many CSR leaders worry their workplace giving programs won’t be a hit with their coworkers or the good causes they support. After all, we all know even the best laid plans can’t guarantee success!

If you want your campaigns to have the biggest impact possible, we’ve collected some tips to help!

Prepare, plan, strategize!

Call it what you like, just don’t discount it! As Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything” – so if you don’t want yours to go awry, then make planning the important first step.  United Way, a well-known charitable partner with countless corporations, relates from experience that “the earlier you begin planning, the more opportunities you will have to customize materials, organize a team, schedule events, and make the most efficient use of everyone’s time.” A clear vision and a checklist for each person involved will put your campaign on the path to success.

Make it unique

Make your charitable opportunities unique in order to help increase participation in your programs. Everybody loves friendly inner-office rivalry, so encourage employee involvement by adding the element of competition! For instance, try a March Madness Fantasy Tournament where employees must make a monetary donation or volunteer a set number of hours to participate. Another possibility could be dividing employees into teams and the group that raises the most money (or volunteers the most hours) can wear jeans for a week. You know best which creative incentives will get your employees excited about an annual giving campaign, so start thinking about them!

Automate communications

So you’ve planned an original, well thought-out campaign – now it’s time to spread the word. For smaller offices, word-of-mouth and a few emails and flyers might do the trick. However, larger offices with several employees and more than one location might want to think about using a campaign management platform with built-in communication capabilities. Take the grueling task of mass messaging out of your Microsoft Outlook inbox by using robust workplace giving software to send out emails, volunteer postings, and event reminders.

Offer Matching Gifts

We’ve long sung the praises of building a matching gift program into your CSR programs. Employee participation rises when employers offer monetary or volunteer hour-matching. Research proves that 79% of employees think it’s pretty important for their company to match their personal charitable giving! Demonstrating to your employees that you care about the causes they support goes a long way towards creating a successful campaign.

Make participation easy

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty busy. Although 71% of today’s workforce is eager to donate to charities supported by a company they trust, employees value simple and quick ways to give back.  Use an all-in-one campaign management platform that helps your employees log their volunteer hours, donate to nonprofits, and request corporate matches. When your coworkers only have to use one easy system to complete stages of your campaign, you’ll see increased participation rates – and reduce the number of questions you’ll receive as head of the program!

Build it into your company culture

Does your corporate culture support giving back? In 2007,  Marks & Spencer launched what they call Plan A, a commitment to “sourcing responsibly, reducing waste, and helping communities.” Plan A is a CSR blueprint that’s ingrained in the company’s workplace culture rather than launched as an individual project. Years later, their thriving program has achieved the majority of their original 100 commitments, and has even incorporated 100 new initiatives! Follow their example and make your workplace giving program a deep-seeded and celebrated corporate tradition.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, it’s time to get started! Learn how Truist’s all-in-one workplace giving platform can set you up for success in your next campaign.

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