Now that we’re a week out from #GivingTuesday 2017, we’ve been busily compiling insights and statistics that will help better guide nonprofits and charities in their fundraising going forward!

As we stated yesterday, Instagram was a big winner when it came to driving Giving Tuesday donations, which goes to show that it’s worth trying out Instagram ads and other strategies to capture a new audience of prospective donors.

But here’s something else that should interest you: This year, 40% of Giving Tuesday donors were on mobile devices! That’s the highest we’ve ever seen it, and it appears to have had two main drivers: email appeals sent by charities, and posts made on social media by charities (potentially social ads too – remember what we said about Instagram ads?).

This definitely lines up with current research that shows the percentage of people opening email on their smartphones has grown by 180% in the last three years. Also, 80% of social media time is spent on a smartphone, so there’s no denying that these two avenues should be a focus when it comes to your donation appeals – not just on Giving Tuesday, but all year round!

Patterns in mobile giving match trends in mobile shopping

These stats are a good indication that more people are turning to the ease and convenience of their smartphones rather than sitting down at their computer to donate. In fact, mobile visitors outnumbered desktop visitors for the first time this year (57%), although desktop donors had a higher conversion rate overall.

This pattern isn’t unique to individuals donating to charities – it’s typical of eCommerce shopping in general. In fact, this lines up with current research showing that 54% of visits to shopping sites will come from smartphones and tablets, but while more people are using devices to browse, there’s a higher percentage of people who actually buy using a desktop.

This could be because less people “trust” making purchases (or giving donations) through a smartphone and prefer doing it from a desktop computer; there’s also the added complication of having to dig out a method of payment if you’re buying on mobile and haven’t enabled PayPal or a solution like Apple Pay. Whatever the case, the numbers show that customers and donors are rapidly getting comfortable giving and shopping right through their smartphone!

Takeaway: It’s a smart move to ensure that your online donation forms work just as well on mobile devices as they do on the full-resolution website. Be sure to test a small gift to your own organization so you can understand how your mobile donors experience giving to your cause.

Who is more generous: iPhone users or Android users?

Does the answer surprise you? 74% of Giving Tuesday donors in 2017 were iOS users (Typically using an iPhones to donate ) and they gave an average gift of $87. Only 24% of donors were Android users, giving an average gift of $71.

Again, this lines up with current eCommerce patterns – iOs users typically spend more online than Android users.

Takeaway for charities and nonprofits: Whether your prospective donor is an iPhone user, an Android user, or prefers desktop browsing, you value them and love them!

Help them give quickly and safely by making sure your donation forms function well and look great on mobile devices! Check around your office for people with different smartphones and test the donation experience from start to finish on multiple devices.

Do you like to geek out to more nonprofit talk? Check out our Asking For More podcast for ongoing insights and analysis (it’s fun, we swear)!


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