I-heart-the-80sYou’ve heard a lot of talk about acquisitions and read press release after press release, but we realized that we haven’t told you the real story behind the TRUiST addition to the FrontStream family!

As many great stories begin, FrontStream met TRUiST over cocktails and the eighties – well, Nina Vallayan, President of FrontStream, met Aparna Gude, Director of Product Development at TRUiST, over cocktails and the eighties.

It all began in a long string of emails discussing plans to see The Legwarmers, a Washington D.C. based eighties rock band. Brought together by mutual University of Maryland friends via email thread, Aparna noticed Nina’s official title in a response. Aware of FrontStream’s recent acquisition of GiftWorks, Aparna’s curiosity sparked and she reached out to Nina.

At first, the conversation surrounded talk about international potential and whether FrontStream could process global credit card payments for TRUiST. Through a brainstorm of ideas and an eventual meeting at The Legwarmers show, their informal chit-chat led to thoughts of acquisition. Aparna revealed that TRUiST was in the market to get acquired as Nina let it be known that FrontStream was looking to expand its suite of solutions. What began as an evening out on the town quickly became an answer to Nina’s search for the perfect add-on to FrontStream’s nonprofit tools. In other words, FrontStream found THE one. Its perfect companion, soul mate and the missing piece of the puzzle.

Before the TRUiST addition, FrontStream served nonprofit organizations and supporters of charitable causes through payment processing, peer-to-peer fundraising and donor management solutions. Additionally, FrontStream hosted services to corporate clients and partners in a variety of industries.

TRUiST being a best-in-class online corporate philanthropy platform acted as a bridge between the world of big business and the world of giving. Together, FrontStream and TRUiST offer the most comprehensive set of fundraising and donation processing solutions available to businesses and nonprofits.

We can arguably say that this meeting was fate, brought together by shooting stars and the planets aligning. Or we can simply attribute this to our big world getting smaller and smaller everyday. In any case, this completely unintentional conversation at an eighties rock concert led to a meeting between Nina and TRUiST’s former President, William Horn.

And as the saying goes, the rest is history!

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