It’s the perfect time of year for charity runs and marathons of all sizes. During the spring and summer, it can seem like there’s a new marathon every weekend – so if you’re a nonprofit, what can you do to make your charity run stand out in a busy crowd? The answer: get creative with some original gimmicks.

AP News reported on an upcoming charity run this Saturday May 5th in San Antonio that is at capacity for participants – because the run is, well, more of a quick sprint or jog. It’s only 0.5 kilometres, and marketed towards “underachievers” rather than the uber-athletes who run bigger marathons.

On top of the short distance, the Boerne 0.5K is offering free beers at the start and finish line, plus a “VIP option” that allows participants to take a bus(!) for the length of the race for an extra $25. All the money raised by participants goes towards Blessings in a Backpack, which provides food for underprivileged children.

The entire event may sound laughable, but think about the attention that a gimmick charity run of this sort can get! The organizers even offer the entire package of participation medal, t-shirt and bumper sticker for $25 so you can pretend you actually ran the 0.5K – and it’s a smart way to raise a little bit of extra funds.

Next time your nonprofit is thinking about holding a charity run, take a lesson from the Boerne and lean right in to the absurd – offer perks on different donation tiers that go against the idea of a super-exhausting run (donuts throughout the course, anyone?) and make it more of a parody that people can take part in. It’s definitely something to help you stand out during the regular marathon season.

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