The most socially responsible companies of 2015: Part One

It's hard to believe 2015 is winding down! Along with holiday lights and decorations, frantic shopping, overeating, and well-meant resolutions, we’re entering the season of the proverbial “year in review lists”.

Here at FrontStream, we thought we would be remiss if we didn’t give you a Top 10 List of our own.

As Thomas Paine once said, “Character is much easier kept than recovered”. We’ve come up with a two-part list of companies who have character to spare!

Join us as we list #10 to #6 of the most socially-responsible companies of 2015, based on insights from the Reputation Institute.

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10. Harley Davidson

This giant in the motorcycle industry has the heart to match when it comes to their commitment to the United States Military. Their major partner is the Wounded Warrior Project, where they work together to help service men and women struggling with PTSD. Harley Davidson's history of support for the U.S. military dates back nearly a century when almost a third of their production went to benefit the military during WWI.

Key to their CSR Success: Engagement. Harley Davidson's leaders and employees are hands-on with the causes they support.

9. Shire Ltd.

Shire Ltd is one of two pharmaceutical companies on our list. Shire partners with keep momming, a campaign that targets awareness of ADHD among young girls. They also dedicate a significant amount of research and development budget to curing rare diseases. Additionally, they support Cradles to Crayons, helping give children better access to educational supplies and clothing. Recently, the company’s responsibility practices landed them on the Global 100 Sustainability Index.

Key to their CSR Success:
Alignment. Their CSR strategy is well-aligned with their lean business model

8. Panera Bread

We recently featured Panera Bread in a blog post about genuine CSR! Panera is the real deal when it comes to shouldering their corporate responsibility. As a major player in the retail food industry, it makes sense that they address the enormous issue of food insecurity. In addition to their Day End Dough Nation™ program, they have established several Panera Cares Cafes that feature a donation-based system and exchange meal vouchers for volunteer hours.

Key to their CSR Success: Alignment. Their commitment to responsibility has been embedded in their mission since they began in 1987.

7. Snap-On

You may not have heard much talk about Snap-On's CSR activities, but they have quietly been involved in technical education efforts, and reduced pricing for community college students for nearly 50 years! Snap-On partners with the Aspen Institute for their Student Excellence Program, aimed at making sure graduating students have the skills and equipment needed to enter the workforce immediately.

Key to their CSR Success: Leadership. Buy-in for the company’s CSR efforts comes from the top.

6. Amazon

Due to recent news reports about the online retail giant Amazon, it may seem odd that they hold a spot on a list of most responsible companies! The Reputation Institute reports, however, that Amazon’s continuous drive to put the customer first - even over the interests of its corporate stakeholders - has established an almost unbreakable bond between the company and their consumers. It should be noted that the scandal was not without some fallout; after the original New York Times article alleging Amazon's negative workplace environment was published, Amazon dropped from #1 overall to their current spot of #6.

Key to their future success?
In 2016, Amazon will have to work hard to convince customers, employees, and the general public that they’re sincere in their commitment to a respectful workplace.

There you have it!

10-6 of the top socially responsible companies of 2015. Check back soon for Part II where we’ll count down the remaining top 5 and show you how they're leading in the world of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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