Introducing the Friendship Powered Fundraising™ App for Facebook

The future of social fundraising is here! We're proud to announce the Friendship Powered Fundraising™ App for Facebook - the first event fundraising app that functions entirely inside Facebook!

Participants using their Facebook accounts to register for your charity or non-profit organization's peer-to-peer campaign will now have the option to fundraise with a personal page on Facebook in addition to their existing web and mobile pages on the FrontStream enterprise fundraising platform.

Friends or family members choosing to donate through a fundraiser's page on the Friendship Powered Fundraising™ App for Facebook will also complete their donations entirely inside Facebook!

The transaction is processed through your organization's own donation forms and all your donor data is available in your enterprise fundraising database. Donations and comments fill up the timeline on your participants' Facebook fundraising pages. It's a truly social history of an event registrant's fundraising success.

Don't just "share", stay inside Facebook!

Traditional Facebook "share" tools just publish a link to a web fundraising page on Facebook. When someone wants to donate to a friend, they must leave Facebook.

With the Friendship Powered Fundraising™ App for Facebook, there's no longer a need to leave Facebook to make a secure donation through PayPal or credit card. Staying inside Facebook means it's easier to donate and easier to tell all your friends that you supported a good cause.

Engineered to be social

When event participants and donors use the Friendship Powered Fundraising™ App for Facebook, they can publish their actions to their own timelines, spreading the word about your great cause and encouraging others to participate.

A beautiful social AND mobile experience

We know Facebook has a commitment to mobile innovation and so do we. The Friendship Powered Fundraising App™ for Facebook functions beautifully on smartphone and mobile tablet browsers.

We thought you might have more questions, so here are some answers!

Why Facebook?

We know that Facebook is the social network already driving the most fundraising and donation activity for charities. In our Fundraising with Facebook whitepaper, we explored the data showing that 15-18% of donations in peer-driven campaigns are coming directly from Facebook!

How do I enable it?

It only takes a few seconds to turn on for your event or campaign. You simply add your organization's logo, review the default settings, and you are ready to go! If you'd like some assistance, just contact our friendly Client Care Team.

Is my donor and registrant data secure?

You bet! Your registrants and donors are using our secure PCI Level 1 certified backend, even though they are still inside Facebook. Your constituent data goes into your enterprise fundraising database just as though your participant or donor was using our web or mobile fundraising pages. This information is never shared with Facebook.

Is any information shared with Facebook?

No. Facebook does not access or store any of the participant or donor information submitted into your organization's enterprise fundraising database while the App is used.

Is information taken from Facebook accounts?

The only information from a user's Facebook account that will be pre-populated into registration or donation forms is the addressing information (for instance: name or email) that the user has made available for third-party apps to use.

Do donations made through my Facebook fundraising page show on my web fundraising page too?

Yes, donations made through your Facebook fundraising page will appear on the web and mobile web pages too. Your fundraising total will be the same across the platform, no matter where the donations came in.

How do I change the images or goal amount on my Facebook fundraising page?

Just log in with your username and password to your fundraising home page online or through the mobile web. When you choose "customize my web page" and upload new image and videos, they will appear on all your web, mobile and Facebook fundraising pages. You can also edit your goal here.

Do you have any questions? We'd love to answer them!

Media contact: Kiran Balladin, FrontStream, 416-815-8777 x437,

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