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Why are challenge fundraising campaigns so popular?

Drynuary. Veganuary. You might have seen these words pop up on your social feeds in the last few months, and even though a few might be tongue-twisters, they’re all for a good cause. They’re challenge campaigns, and they’re held by nonprofits to raise both funds and awareness for various causes.

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Better know your baby boomers!

Millennials and Generation Z may be the hot demographics of the day, but it’s wise not to discount the “baby boomers” – people between the ages of 49 and 67. Keep boomers in mind, because this age group gives more money to charity than any others.

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2017 fundraising resolutions for nonprofits!

If you’ve got aspirations for an improved year, you’ve likely made some New Year’s resolutions for yourself: exercise more frequently, eat right, stick to a financial budget. But take a look at their health of your nonprofit – does it need some New Year’s resolutions as well?

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Winter fundraising ideas

If you want to lift some spirits in the darker months of winter and also raise some money for a good cause, there are a number of winter-themed fundraiser ideas to consider. This time of year is exactly when charities need your support!

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5 fun and unique charity fundraising ideas

While there’s nothing wrong with the usual standbys of selling chocolates or running team marathons, sometimes you want to just break out of the box and hold a really unique and awesome fundraiser that people will be extra excited about. We’ve got you covered with five ideas for your nonprofit to try.

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3 fundraising trend predictions for 2017

Although we’re still a few weeks away from watching the ball drop and toasting the new year, we wanted to share some info that you’ll find useful: predictions for fundraising trends in 2017. After all, if you work for a nonprofit, you’ll want to start next year as strong as possible.

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