Meet Kathryn Ducey of Linkus Group, a company that offers recruitment & HR solutions on an as-needed basis.

In our latest podcast episode of Asking For More, we chat with Kathryn about recognizing talent, improving your relationships at work, and noticing people’s “tells”! (“When I came in, you gave me a glass of water. At the end of this session, something you want to look for is, if I take that cup and say: ‘Where can I put this?’ That’s a tell-tale sign…”)

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How to discover your competitive advantage
  • The power of storytelling at work
  • How recognizing patterns can give you insight into an individual’s personality
  • Negotiating salary – what’s appropriate?
  • Why it’s all about emotional intelligence now
  • Overcoming objections and hearing “no”
  • Why people want to have purpose in their work
  • Why customer service is the new marketing

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