Blood is the conduit through which life is maintained; it provides our tissue and organs with the supplies they need to keep going.  Unfortunately, blood is easy to lose and difficult for the body to replace.  One advantage in dealing with blood, though, is the relative ease of transferring it. To many people, the American Red Cross is known for their role as the largest single provider of blood and blood products. The mantra often heard from the American Red Cross is that “the need for blood is constant.”  Any time the need for blood arises, the American Red Cross stands as the proverbial heart, receiving a steady supply of blood from willing donors and distributing it to people that need it most.  The American Red Cross supplies more than 40% of the blood and blood products used in the US.

TRUiST recently organized a company-wide blood donation initiative in support of the Oklahoma Tornadoes.  The American Red Cross is always at the forefront of disaster relief response across the country, putting donations of blood and other supplies to good use. Because of this, employees from our DC office, as well as throughout the country, gave a couple hours of their day donating blood at an American Red Cross blood bank.  At TRUiST, disaster response is of paramount importance to us.  Through rallying and mobilizing people through their altruistic desires as a response to tragedy, American Red Cross’ disaster relief momentum exemplifies what can be considered the best parts of humanity.

Employees from Truist-DC office who gave a couple hours of their day donating blood
at the local American Red Cross blood bank. From left-to-right: Danny Trelogan,
Giovanni Bisaccia, Nina Sims, Kevin Packard, Kellie Bradford and Mark Bender

The American Red Cross is also committed to several other causes.  They are the leading provider of training and certifications pertaining to health and safety services including First Aid and CPR, Lifeguarding, Babysitting and Caregiving.  These are intended to encourage and support the development of a populace that not only cares about helping others in a pinch but carries the knowledge to do it well.  They provide a breadth of support functions for military families, including networking them with each other and local support resources, as well as providing direct and indirect reintegration support and life care through Wounded Warriors and Military Hospitals.  The American Red Cross is a major part of the largest global humanitarian network.  They frequently support the International Red Cross and, together, helped more than 155 million people in 2012.

The health and prosperity of global human society relies greatly on the stability of humanitarian networks and the services they are able to provide to individuals and communities that have met with tragedy or misfortune.  In 1881, Clara Barton’s passion for the humanitarian efforts of the International Red Cross led her to found the American branch here in Washington, DC.  Over the years, the American Red Cross, enabled by the philanthropy of many Americans, has striven to combat the suffering of people when tragedies strike both locally and, through supporting and partnering with the International Red Cross, abroad.  To achieve their goals, the American Red Cross focuses their support on several key efforts that cover a broad range of needs and services.  Their mission is to “prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.”

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