Successful fundraising in the digital age relies on managing your data to help you track donors and donations, perform analysis, and communicate efficiently. That’s why FrontStream products are integrated with a powerful CRM!

However you handle your data, we have a few great tips to simplify your efforts and improve your results.


Set your data standards

Setting standards and policies for the way your information is entered will keep it consistent, making it easier for you to find and manipulate the data. For example, a phone number can be entered as (555) 555-1234, 555-111-9876 or 5553331357, and while all are technically correct, entering the numbers in all three ways will create challenges down the road.

Just like you may have a style guide for your nonprofit’s website and materials, it’s helpful to have a data standards document that outlines how those entering information should do so. This can save you time down the road, avoid confusion, and mitigate the risk of bad donor relations.

Schedule periodic data clean-ups

Despite your best intentions, it’s inevitable that errors will filter their way into your database. By setting regular tasks to address this, you can reduce the chance that this becomes a serious problem.

Luckily, some CRM tools can help you identify common problems. FrontStream’s consultant directory includes a few key features to assist you, including address verification and duplicate donor checking, which can find donors that have been entered multiple times and merge their profiles together.

In other cases, basic reports can identify donors or donations that are missing information like ZIP codes or phone numbers, while simply taking a scan through small groups of data can help you find common errors like misspelled names and incomplete profiles.

Assign different roles to different team members

Maintaining and managing a great CRM can involve a lot of effort. Since many nonprofits can’t hire individuals specifically for those purposes, the job often ends up split between many team members, from full-time staff to volunteers.

When the work is divided, make sure that the various tasks are specifically assigned to different individuals. This will help reduce duplication of data and can allow you to make sure that everyone working with your database is properly trained for the tasks they need to complete.

Some CRMs, including ours, let you assign these roles directly. By doing so, you can be sure that the person or people you want to perform certain tasks, such as adding donations or sending communications, are the only ones able to do so.

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