How many times have you been browsing the web and you stumble across a great article for your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account but you just don’t want to get distracted from the task at hand? You’d have to go to your social media site of choice, log in, and either post or schedule an update.


During Claire Kerr’s session “Take it to 11! Social Media at the Next Level” at ArtezInteraction 2013, Maya Boritz (Plan Canada) and Michael Rajzman (Free the Children) noted that social media widgets help them manage their content. But where to start with the hundreds of browser extensions built for various social media platforms?

Don’t fret! Here are three great tools to get you posting content to your social media streams quickly and easily.

1. Buffer App

With Buffer, you can set up an account and add multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). Set a posting schedule, download the web extension, then fill up that Buffer! When you find something online that is relevant to one of your organization’s online properties, simply hit your buffer button and create a post. Buffer will send it for you using your preset schedule.

2. Hootlet

Already using Hootsuite? If you are, make sure you’ve got the Hootsuite browser extension. Find content, click the Hootlet button, and schedule your update. It’s that easy.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is emerging as one of the leading social media management tools (and is the author’s favourite service). With powerful analytics that include Twitter engagement insights, Sprout Social is a great way to manage your various properties. Sprout Social has a handy browser extension you can use to easily schedule content.

Do you use another extension or service? Tweet me about it @AllieKosela.

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